As Islamabad Expressway had to complete by the end of December, its construction is going through different challenges, attributing various reasons to extend the construction Capital Development Authority (CDA).

Islamabad Expressway is the busiest road as it connects the capital of Pakistan with Rawalpindi and the National Highway N5. Moreover, the road has gone through various construction phases since its first construction in 1968.

As wide as six lanes or ten lanes, this major road network still lacks the absorption of the traffic load. To cope with the traffic congestion issue, the demand for the extension of this 28-KM road increased and is planned to complete by the end of 2021.

Islamabad Expressway Highway Layout Plan

However, Capital Development Authority (CDA) asked the government to extend more than four months to complete the project. As claimed by CDA, only 40% of the construction work remains completed.

Islamabad Express highway connects the north and south of twin cities with interchanges and bypasses. However, this extensive thoroughfare narrows down as it makes its way to Korangi Bridge.

On the other hand, the Grand Trunk Road is wholly congested with traffic. All the traffic inflow in twin cities and other northern areas slows down due to inter-city and intra-city transport amalgamation.

In Islamabad, two major construction projects were in progress simultaneously. The Korang Bridge project and Public Works Department (PWD) underpass manage the traffic clogs adjacent to the housing societies at Lahore-Islamabad Motorway.

CDA prioritized the PWD underpass project in their list due to the pressure from the residential societies. The Islamabad Expressway highway expansion was planned to be completed in two phases. A 2 Km two-lane road would be developed from Korang Bridge to the PWD interchange in its first phase.

However, the next phase will end with constructing a 7 Km road up to the GT Road. The government approved Rs 658 million to make this signal-free corridor convenient and hassle-free for commuters.

PWD UnderPass Project

However, this CDA project had a bumpy history full of many obstacles. The PWD underpass project failed also to complete by 31st July 2021. The up-gradation of the Islamabad express highway construction to alleviate the concerns of aggrieved housing societies for the heavy traffic is still in limbo as it fails to complete the project in time.

The commuters have to rush through the significant gridlocks expanding their wait time.

Moreover, they move forward at a snail’s pace raising many questions about the timely completion of these projects. These housing societies like Bahria Town, Defence Housing Society (DHA), and other residential areas are looking forward to completing this project.

The construction of Rawalpindi Ring road, Margalla Road, Plastic Road, and Islamabad Expressway will provide a big relief to the residents of the twin cities. The rising population and the availability of only one route between Punjab and Nothern Areas is a big question mark.