Finally, Capital Development Authority found a solid and durable solution to dump the plastic waste in Islamabad a few days back. To make Capital more sustainable and eco-friendly, CDA has launched a mega initiative of building plastic roads with a private beverage company, Coca-Cola.

Plastic Roads In Pakistan

Coca-Cola launched a “World Without Waste” program to show its support for a plastic-free world by 2030. It’s a bold initiative and getting popular widely around the globe.

Similarly, Coca-Cola Pakistan and Afghanistan proposed a public-private partnership program to help remove Plastic from Capital.

The giant Coca-Cola and CDA have laid out a plan and started working on the construction of a 1-kilometer road on Ataturk Avenue.

Clean And Green Islamabad

Islamabad always remains in the spotlight for its green initiatives and sustainable lifestyle in Pakistan. Maintaining the same spirit, CDA planned to Remove Plastic from the second most beautiful Capital of the world. According to a CDA report, the municipal waste is as high as 600 tons daily in Islamabad, of which 180 tons of waste consists of only plastics.

CDA started a similar project in F9 Park as a pilot project to evaluate its effects on the public’s health and its effects on the environment ultimately. This mega eco-friendly public-private partnership program is the first-ever program in Pakistan so far.

Why Are Plastic Roads Much Admired?


Of all the wastes and hazardous materials, Plastic is the only waste quite challenging to dump or eliminate completely. However, the natural process of decomposition of waste is quite easy and decays quickly.

At the same time, Plastic is hard to eliminate from the environment. It increases with everyday waste, creating tons of heaps of Plastic at the dumping areas, and contaminating the air with toxic gases and chemicals.

On the other hand, the most feasible solution to recycle Plastic is presented by the researchers, and appreciated worldwide, especially in South Asia. Moreover, due to the increasing connectivity on the earth, demand for the construction of new roads is soaring every day.

Therefore, the researchers proposed using Plastic in the construction of roads and lanes. It seems to be the only solution feasible for recycling Plastic more effectively so far.

Sustainable Roads Is The Future Of Pakistan

After completing the two mega-projects of plastic roads in Islamabad, F9 Park, and Attaturk Avenue, the CDA will extend this program to other parts of the city. According to one report, plastic waste is 3.9 million tons annually, expected to double by 2050 in Pakistan.

To meet this challenging crisis, the government has to develop innovative solutions to recycle and dump Plastic. So that its users are more effective and viable for the environment.

On the one hand, policymakers should devise policies to help reduce plastics to the minimum.

On the other hand, the government should initiate sustainable ways to remove Plastic quickly and affordably. To meet the  Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, the authorities should speed up the process of recycling Plastic in different cities of Pakistan.

How Are Plastic Roads constructed?

Plastic roads, however, are the most innovative way discovered to manage plastic waste quickly until now. It’s the quickest and easiest way to remove Plastic and lower the levels of toxic chemicals from the environment. Here is the process of constructing roads with the use of Plastic.

The process of using Plastic on roads begins with the segregation of plastic material from waste. After drying it up the Plastic melts at a high temperature.

Finally, after mixing up the hot bitumen with melted Plastic, the process of the construction of plastic roads begins.

Lastly, we hope that Pakistan succeeds in cleaning the country from plastic waste, making it sustainable and viable for everyone. If you want to know more about Plastic roads in Islamabad, please contact our team.