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Islamabad Highway Expansion: From Koral to Rawat

Twin Cities is getting congested due to the mushroom growth of housing societies and the increasing number of personal vehicles. In this scenario, Capital Development Authorities initiated work on various projects expanding the road networks and building public transport subways.

One of these projects was expanding the road network of the Islamabad Highway. Earlier, it was decided to complete the road construction in two phases. However, the work on the project was halted due to various reasons including obstacles in the CDA budget.

The traffic problems loom in Islamabad and Rawalpindi for the last few years, although the government has announced many projects. The expansion of the Islamabad highway was also one of those projects.

This blog will explain the background of Islamabad highway expansion, challenges, and the latest updates on the construction of metro bus lines in Islamabad. So, let’s start our exciting discussion!

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Making Islamabad a signal-free corridor, the construction of the Islamabad express highway was planned to be completed in two phases. The first phase prioritized the construction of a PWD underpass from the Korang Bridge. However, the second phase will continue the construction from PWD up to the Grand Trunk Road.

However, the work on these roads was delayed for various reasons. More recently, CDA announced the speedy construction of the 2-KM road from Koral to Rawat. The traffic flow creates many challenges and problems for the commuters and the administrative authorities.

The project has been awarded to the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) as they have offered the lowest bid, according to the CDA. The CDA has emphasized the speedy construction to alleviate the woes and worries of the commuters as the five-lane highway turns into a two-lane road that cannot digest the traffic congestion smoothly.

Although the work in the PWD interchange is complete now, the work on other interchanges that are part of the Islamabad highway still remains to be completed. These interchanges include the construction of the Soan interchange, Bhnadar Bridge and Railway Bridge.

However, the work on constructing another phase from the Korang Bridge to Rawat will be completed by June 2022.


Lastly, the construction work on the Islamabad express highway has gone through many challenges and bottlenecks. As a result, the work has been delayed, with many extensions granted. Still, the construction lingers, and no one takes responsibility for the unnecessary delays.

The people of twin cities face problems in commuting and have to wait for long hours on the road. The traffic congestion issue is still in limbo. However, the CDA has decided to start the work on the route from Koral to Rawat as the two-lane road is no less than a curse for the people of the twin cities.

Let’s wait and watch how the CDA and FWO work together to ensure the timely completion of this project. Besides, the government has initiated bus routes for Blue Line and Green Line bus routes as a part of this project under the government arrangement. It will provide relief to the commuters, and they can commute conveniently using the public transport, and the traffic flow will be reduced on that road.

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