Sustainability and an environmentally friendly approach in every sphere of life have become an integral part of our design philosophy. So then, how can eco-friendly home décor escape this much-acclaimed phenomenon in the 21st century?

In Pakistan, the green environment has captured the attention of many consumers and industries in the wake of sudden environmental changes taking place in Pakistan.

Eco-Friendly Home Decor

Here, we have got a complete rundown of the tips to make your home eco-friendly and sustainable. Another reason behind this new eco-friendly trend is its affordability, convenience, and minimalistic approach to home decor in Pakistan.

Let’s talk over them!

Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs

Energy efficiency is the first-ever step towards achieving sustainability in eco-friendly home design. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small house or a bigger one, in an apartment or an in a deluxe suite during your travel; the energy savers have recently taken on the fluorescent bulbs.

They not only reduce your electricity bills, but they also provide you with enough light and a perfect vibe for your room, avoiding extra heat in your rooms or lounges.

In addition, maintaining a balanced heating system increases the efficiency of your home. Moreover, these low-energy bulbs make your home more convenient to live in an eco-friendly surroundings.

Solar Panels Installation


In a country like Pakistan, where electricity bills are taking a heavy toll on your budget every day with increasing electricity prices, the use of solar panels is a blessing for everyone. Its installation not only cuts down your electricity charges but provides you with the best solution for all your energy needs.

Solar panels are cheapest to install, reliable, and more efficient than any other source of income. In Pakistan, where the sizzling heat is the most common occurrence during the seven months of a year, solar panels are second to none for the residents and industrialists alike in their efficiency and affordability.

Thermal Insulation In Your Homes

Thermal insulation in your home walls and windows is getting popular among home designers. Insulated homes help maintain a balanced heat inside your home. The insulated home walls best perform the perfectly-balanced heat absorption from inside and outside of your home.

For this, one needs to have wooden windows, and double-paned windows, reducing the cost of maintaining heating and cooling systems. Moreover, the natural insulation system brings down the significant share of energy that consumes electricity and your budget every month.

Paint Your Walls With Natural Pigments

Always opt for paints with water pigments in them as they offer you a variety of color options. Moreover, these organic paints make your eco-friendly home décor more attractive, welcoming, and comforting with their unique aura and color palette.

Furthermore, odorless and non-toxic paints save your family from many harmful solvents, making your home eco-friendly and sustainable. In addition, the organic pigments are free from any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that release hazardous gases. These toxic VOCs have serious health problems for everyone.

Clean Your Home Smartly

Always use natural and organic sanitizers and cleaners instead of chemical and toxic bleaches and detergents when disinfecting your home. Eco-friendly products are harmless not only for your health but also don’t contaminate the water underground when it drains into rivers and canals.

It takes a lot of cost and time at water treatment plants to purify contaminated water. It also harms people who use water without boiling living along the riversides.

Using vinegar, bicarbonate soda, and lemon juice while cleaning greasy kitchen dishes or your floors and walls perfectly resonates with a sustainable home design.

Buy Minimalist Furniture

With every day passed, our needs are increasing, and so do our homes. As a result, our houses are increasingly congested with ever-new products and furniture, making homes less comfortable and less suitable for living.

To make your home more sustainable, use eco-friendly furniture that is locally produced and uses fewer toxins and chemicals. Moreover, to give an appealing look to your home, buy minimalist furniture that serves you more than one purpose.

For example, you can design your lovely home with furniture occupying less space and helping you in many ways. You can purchase a chair that you can use as a table too as and when required.

Final Thoughts

A home is a place where your journey begins, and it’s a place that reflects your lifestyle, priorities, and habits. With these eco-friendly home décor ideas, you can make your home comfortable, convenient, affordable, and aesthetically appealing in many ways. Think Green, Live Green