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Pakistan Pavilion at Dubai Expo is one of the most visited and most inspired pavilions due to the most remarkable architecture and the inciting exhibitions and trade shows. However, if you still have got no idea about the Dubai Expo 2020, then we have got you covered.

This article will discuss the largest-ever Expo in world history to provide an opportunity to all the countries to demonstrate their innovations and achievements and connect with other worlds by showcasing their extraordinary and unique elements.


More than 192 countries are part of this world expo to represent their country. Helping the countries to convey a soft image of what they have achieved and where they are headed will be an informative, opportunistic, and viable exhibition with long-term effects on developing diplomatic and economic ties with different countries.

On the other hand, the students and other people can explore different countries, enjoying the interactive and exciting daily events in just one trip. Surprisingly, Pakistan’s Pavilion has been one of the best pavilions in the opportunity district and the pavilions preceding Germany, Luxemburg, and Egypt.



The Dubai expo began in October 2020 and will continue until March’s end. This six-month-long exhibition allows the countries to connect with other countries where the great minds can display their extraordinary works, innovations, and outlook.

Hosted by United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Dubai Expo has been organized at Dubai Exhibition Center. Every country has a dedicated pavilion to represent its country with its history, culture, innovations, technologies, and endeavors in different spheres.

Dubai Expo is a one-of-kind exhibition where each country has an opportunity to display mind-blowing aspects in just one place. Dubai Expo was canceled due to Covid. However, it was arranged in 2021 for six months.


The awe-inspiring pavilions are the dedicated areas where each country represents its rich culture, history, flora, and fauna using amazing digital audio-video elements. When a visitor enters a pavilion, he feels like he has landed in the country.

With more than 190 pavilions, each Pavilion has been categorized into three main themes. The following three themes represent where the countries are currently in their achievements.

  1. Opportunity District
  2. Sustainable District
  3. Mobility District

Pakistan pavilion resides in the opportunity district to show Pakistan’s potential and opportunity due to many viable economic avenues. Each community and Pavilion is based on a theme. The theme of the Pakistan pavilion unveils the hidden treasure of Pakistan that most world countries are unaware of.



Pakistan Pavilion is considered awe-inspiring due to its colorful and vibrant architecture. However, the rich history and culture, displayed with augmented reality, are beyond the marvelous. On the other hand, the aromatic cuisine attracts many visitors and foodies from different countries due to Pakistan’s flavorsome and sumptuous traditional foods.

Based on the theme of “Hidden Treasure” and representing the diverse culture of Pakistan, the Pakistan pavilion designer has designed an impeccable structure, never failing to catch the attention of the visitors. Shahid Rassam, a renowned South Asian artist, weaved all the seasons and cultures into the façade of the Pakistan pavilion.


The spectacular façade consists of 24,000 thousand panels. Surprisingly, each forum is different in color and size. This points toward the cultural, social, and racial diversity Pakistan has weaved together. This harmony of diverse cultures has been represented impeccably in this exceptional architectural work.

The spectacular architecture and remarkable interior grabbed the attention of everyone who visited the Dubai Expo 2021. Rashid Rana is one of the greatest and most creative artists whose work is honored at many international exhibitions like the Metropolitan Museum of

Art in New York and British Museum in London. On the other hand, he has received Sitara-i-Imtiaz from Pakistan, and the Asia Society also awarded him with 2017 Asia ArtWork.


Due to the architectural marvel, the rich cultural representation, and the delicious cuisine, many visitors attended the Pakistan Pavilion. The first week of the exhibition observed more than 550,000 footfall. It was a great response and showed the great potential Pakistan has for the people.


It introduced Pakistan’s culture, economy, climate, and habitats splendidly to the world. After visiting and enjoying the Pakistan Pavilion, many visitors expressed their interest in visiting Pakistan, and relevant tourist authorities ensured to facilitate them during their tour to Pakistan.

Ranked among the top ten pavilions, it is still the favorite and most attractive Pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020.


When you enter the Pakistan Pavilion, mesmerizing vibes take you back in the 7000 years old history. Reflecting many traditions, cultures, sculptures, inscriptions, and monuments, the visitors feel hypnotized and stimulated.

On the other hand, you will witness the amazing natural habitat of Pakistan, showing the rare species found on Earth. The natural climate and the habitats are the wonders the world is oblivious to. People found this very spellbinding and stimulating.


Other than that, present industrial, agricultural, and technological achievements highlight the contributions of every section of society. It includes women, young artists, and entrepreneurs highlighting the youth contributions immaculately.

Above all, Pakistan cuisine grabbed the attention of many visitors due to the pure and delicious traditional Pakistani food. Therefore, Tha dhabas and dawat, the conventional food shops of Pakistan, became the center of attention for everyone.

Moreover, augmented reality displayed Billion Tree Tsunami magnificently where you suddenly enter the green and sustainable Pakistan – a vision of Imran Khan.

Moreover, many cultural shows, tradeshows, conferences, and seminars will open up many avenues for Pakistan’s industry and business development. Many countries have signed business MOUs and tourism contracts, showing their interest in exploring Pakistan’s hidden treasure.



Lastly, Dubai Expo 2020 is a great opportunity for each country to show their potential and achievements. Developing countries like Pakistan have found this exhibition very beneficial and conducive to promoting business, tourism, and development. It presented Pakistan’s past, present, and future on such a remarkable global platform. If you have not visited Pakistan Pavilion Dubai Expo 2020 yet, hurry up and don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.