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Nathia Gali is an ideal place to spend your vacations, especially to escape from the sizzling heat of other cities in Pakistan. Moreover, if you want to experience this serenity in the lap of rolling hills and among pine and cedar trees, then there’s no other match for this picturesque place.

A hill station like Nathia Gali is famous for bringing you the true definition of peace, splendor, and sumptuousness. It’s one of the most beautiful hill stations in Pakistan, where people love to taste the flavors of natural beauty and feast their eyes on the loveliness of the Peak Mountains.

Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali became a Hill Station for the summer seat of the British rulers who found it unbearable to spend their days in the scorching heat of June and July. The Deputy Commissioner of Peshawar ruled from the Nathia Gali during the summer, enjoying the cool weather of this place.

Nathia Gali Weather

It has one of the coolest weather the whole year. So you enjoy every part of the year with its unique colors and snow-white mountains. The beautiful landscape during December and January lures many visitors to the snow-capped and glitzy White Mountains.

On the other hand, the spring spreads beautiful colors and vibes everywhere in its trails and mountainous treks. Similarly, the cloud-covered misty sky and lush-green meadows provide a perfect destination for the

Nathia Gali Location


Located in Abbottabad’s most serene location, you can find many scenes of fairy-tail beauties and stories where splendor rules and serenity surrounds everything with its gentle and colorful wings of nature.

Just 20 KM away from both Murree to Nathia Gali distance and the Abbottabad district, it’s the most visited place for people who seek comfort and escape from the hustle and bustle of life on weekends or during vacations. Especially, many people come here in groups from Rawalpindi, Islamabad, and other nearest places as it provides a nearby place to find time-out in the serenity of rising and falling hills.

Nathia Gali Hotels

In Nathia Gali, you can discover the most luxurious to the most affordable hotels. It’s not that hard to find the most luxurious and affordable hotels in the most convenient places. The residents of Nathia Gali are very welcoming and leave no stone unturned when they greet their guests and visitors.

Elite Hotel in Nathia Gali is one of the plushest and sought-after hotels to spend the vacations in a great environment. You can wake up in a stress-free and the most lavish environment where you feel yourself meditating. Nathia Gali Cottages is also highly recommended by the visitors and the travelers for staying in the best hotel in Dunga Gali.

Nathia Gali Height

What is the reason for the all-time cool and breezy weather and climate of Nathia Gali? The height of this stunning place is why it’s unruffled and tranquil weather. Nathia Gali is located at the height of 8oooft which helps it remain calm and cool throughout the year.

Best Places To Visit in Nathia Gali

Whenever you plan to visit Dunga Gali or Galiyat, keep the Mushkpuri Top at the top of your list as you’ll revel in the serenity of this place, and you’d cherish trekking on these twisting and comfortable trails.

Mushkpuri Peak


Also known as Mukeshpuri or Mushkpuri, this fascinating peak is one of the highest peaks in Dunga Gali. It is the best place to visit in Pakistan. Mairnajani Peak is the highest of all peaks preceding the Mushkpuri Peak.  As high as 9200 ft, it attracts many travelers towards it as you can view an extraordinary view of Islamabad, Murree, Jehlum River, Bagh District, and Circle Bacote.

On the other hand, one can view Bird Sanctuary established by the European Union to protect wildlife and rare species. Finally, the most visited place, the steeper mountains, let you rejoice in almost 4 kilometers of trekking.

Ayubia National Park

Established in 1984, Ayubia National Park has become a center of attention for its rich habitat and dense forests. Spanned over an area of 3312 hectares, this giant national park is full of natural beauty and serenity that you always long for when you’re tired of the fast and advanced living style in your city.

Dunga Gali Pine Line Track

Dunga Gali Pipe Line Track is also part of Ayubia National Part, and it has an interesting that everyone wants to hear. The British rule spread this pipeline in the dense forest of Dunga Gali for eight years from 1892 to 1900 to provide water supplies to its soldiers standing at Murree cantonment.

Saint Matthew’s Church

Saint Matthew Church at this place is another tourist attraction as it still stands in its glory even after more than a century. This church was built using the Cedar Wood, and it welcomes its visitors openly. The Church keepers are very welcoming as well.

Samudar Katha Lake

Your visit is incomplete unless you visit Samundar Katha lake. It’s also one of the most beautiful Nathia Gali Lake in Pakistan. You can enjoy the tranquil surrounding of this lake whenever you visit this striking place.

Final Thoughts

Nathia Gali is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. There’re a number of places named after this galiyat range like Nathia Gali Beach which is located in Karachi. Enjoy the year-long coolness and loveliness of this magnificent place. If you want to get more information, please contact our team.