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Pakistan is a country blessed and endowed with all kinds of landscapes. For the best places to visit in Pakistan 2021, you can see the highest snow-capped mountains, lush green meadows, the hottest and the coldest deserts, vast and swollen rivers, mesmerizing lakes, and the enormous river from Khunjrab Pass to the Arabian Sea.

Best Places To Visit In Pakistan 2021

Besides this natural beauty, Pakistan is home to world-class architecture, and historical masterpieces, speaking volumes of the rich heritage that has preserved its uniqueness for many centuries. The adventure-seekers and travelers would be amazed by the exquisiteness and attractiveness of many unexplored yet spell-binding places in Pakistan.

We’ve outlined some of the most eye-catching places for those who got itchy heels and want to roam around these fantastic places. Let’s wander together.

Hunza Valley


Hunza Valley is a place just like a heaven on earth, located in Gilgit Baltistan. Found in the lap of the awe-inspiring Rakaposhi Mountains, this valley is famous for its unique culture and dazzling natural beauty. The people of Hunza are very cheerful and welcoming to tourists.

If you adore places where you’d be surrounded by the high, and glitzy mountains; then Hunza Valley is undoubtedly a place to visit. So, when are you planning to visit this dreamland?

The sharply-pointed highest Passu Cones, the bluish Attabad Lake, Karimabad Bazaar, Altit Fort & Baltit Fort, and the enchanting mountains of Rakaposhi lure all the visitors towards them. Once you visit Hunza Valley, you find it hard to leave this beautiful place.



The trekkers and mountaineers love Skardu for the presence of the four highest mountains and for enjoying trekking and hiking. This enthralling place attracts several tourists due to its loveliness and panoramic scenery.

Also, Kachura Lake known as Shangrila Lake, Skardu Fort, Shigar Fort, Deosai, Satpara Lake, Sheosar Lake, Katpana Lake, and Bashu Valley are the top attractions for travelers from all over the globe.

The cold desert of Skardu resides at the height of approximately 2,226m or at an altitude of 7, 303 ft. Plan your visit to Skardu, and you will find yourself captivated by the lure of this breathtaking place in Pakistan.



Chitral is well-known for its highest Polo ground and the Kalash Valley. Descended from Alexander the great, the people of Kalash Valley still preserved their culture & beliefs in the presence of much-advanced civilization today.

On the other hand, the Shandur Polo Festival is the favorite of all global visitors from around the globe. This spectacular festival is arranged from 7th July to 9th July every year at the height of 3,700 meters.

Besides Chitral Valley, the Kalash Valley, Bumburet Valley, and Chitral Gol National Park are the most visited places. Moreover, Rumbur Valley, Tirich Mir, Chitral Fort, and the list goes on for the travelers.

Chitral valley is full of entertainment and rich in historical heritage, which will make your trip worth remembering. Take many good memories with you at home and fulfill your soul with the beauty of Chitral.

Bahawalpur District


Bahawalpur city is famous for its palaces and architecture in Pakistan. Whenever it comes to visiting historical places in Pakistan, Bahawalpur is an ultimate choice for tourists. It is located in South Punjab and has many forts, palaces, and deserts.

This place reminds you of the glory of the Moghal Emperor and Abbasid dynasty that ruled for centuries on the sub-continent.

If you’re planning to visit the best places to visit in Pakistan in 2021, don’t miss any attraction in Bahawalpur as each place is unique with an unforgettable impression on you.

You must visit Noor Mahal, Darbar Mahal, Derarwar Fort, Tomb of Bibi Jawindi, Qila Derarwar, and the Cholistan Desert. The vintage architecture and illustrious design of these historical palaces and buildings will inspire you definitely.

Ranikot Fort


Lastly but equally attractive, Ranikot Fort, located in Sindh, is the largest fort in the world. The “Great Wall of Sindh” is full of mysteries as the archaeologists found no apparent reason behind the development of this fort.

The structure of the mysterious place often reminds the Wall of China due to the longest defensive wall of 32 Kilometres. The Talpur dynasty in the Jamshoro district built this fort in 1812 AD at Ranikot.


In conclusion, If you want to get some days off from your daily routine, you must visit all of the best places to visit in Pakistan 2021. You would find your adventures worthy of visits and get many beautiful memories with you. If you need any further information, you can contact our team. Our dedicated team will help you instantly.