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How to become a filer in Pakistan?

This is the question when you hear about taxes and their new policies in the news.

Taxes in Pakistan always remain a part of the news every day. Sometimes, you hear about the tax-to-GDP ratio, or at other times, you listen to all discussions about the tax filing. In Pakistan, tax is considered not an obligation but forceful coercion of collecting funds from people.

How to Become A Tax Filer in Pakistan?

However, a lot of education is required to spread awareness on their duty to pay taxes when they earn more than a threshold. For example, if you’re making more than RS. 600.00/-, you’re eligible for becoming a tax filer in Pakistan.

This article will guide you on tax and why it is essential. Moreover, you can pay tax by becoming a tax filer in Pakistan. So, let’s begin!

What is Tax, and Why is it Important?

Tax is a certain amount of money that people have to pay to the government if their earnings are more than a level of income. Moreover, the business and associations, and investors have to pay this tax on their capital gains.

Taxes are vital as they help the government improve the country’s standard of living. With more revenues, the government can start more public projects and distribute wealth equally in a country. It helps remove inequality and poverty from a country by improving its Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Evading Tax is A Crime?

In Pakistan, people try their best to evade taxes and resort to illegal methods to hide their source of income. Therefore, the main reason behind the underdevelopment of Pakistan is tax evasion and black money that found an escape from being the tax net.

Evading taxes or hiding income is a crime, and everyone must think it is their moral and national obligation to pay taxes so that other people can benefit from it as well.

The government of Pakistan has adopted many measures to incentivize the public to pay taxes. But, a lot is needed to educate people and tell them that tax is a responsibility and not a penalty.

How to Become A Tax Filer in Pakistan?

How to become a filer in Pakistan is more convenient than before due to the digital transformation. First, let me explain the difference between tax filer and non-filer to answer this question. A tax filer is a person who is registered with the Federal Board of Revenue and has filed income tax returns already with them. On the contrary, a non-filer is a person who has not filed his income tax returns with FBR.

If you’re a non-filer and fall in any of the income brackets by the FBR, you can file your income tax returns by following these steps.

Documents Required For Online Application


How to Get A National Tax Number?

To become a tax filer, one needs to achieve a National Tax Number (NTN) from FBR. The process is straightforward.


  • A new window will open. Then, you need to click on REGISTRATION FOR UNREGISTERED PERSONS.
  • A form will open that you need to fill out. It will contain personal details like CNIC, phone number, address instructions, etc.



Once you have an NTN number, you can quickly become a tax filer. The procedure is pretty straightforward.

  • Go through the same link:
  • If you’re already registered, enter your login details.
  • If not, you need to click on the REGISTRATION FOR UNREGISTERED PERSONS
  • After that, a screen will appear the same as explained in the NTN procedure; fill it out and submit.
  • You’ll receive a confirmation code on your phone or in your email. Just enter it
  • Log in to your account and prepare your wealth statement for Income tax returns.
  • Cheers! You’re in the Active Tax List (ATL) of the FBR now.

After following these simple steps, you can become an Active Taxpayer List and enjoy many perks from the government. Nonfilers are not allowed to enjoy these incentives.


So, you as an ATL member can benefit from a reduced level of Vehicle Token Tax, immovable property tax, and other perks as well. Moreover, you can check the ATL which is updated weekly. You can check your name in the list to verify that you’re present in the ATL. You can visit the FBR official website or contact our team for more information!

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