Overseas Pakistanis Foundation and PGFRC is participating to support those returnees who come back to Pakistan, they don’t have the sources to establish their small business. For the sake of earning, they do a job for small amounts that is not enough for running a family system, especially in the age of inflation.

They come back because there are many reasons behind it. For example:

  • Overseas returnees are aged,
  • Some have health issues,
  • Some have retired from their job,
  • And, some return because they were living and working abroad illegally. So, when they are caught to be agencies, they are sent back to Pakistan.

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Government Step Forwarded

Usually, overseas returnees are those Pakistanis who did perform the laborers’ duties while living abroad. But when they return home, they don’t have a backup plan to restart their work. So the government of Pakistan has decided to do something for those overseas Pakistanis who return to their country for whatsoever reason. The government took steps to provide toolkits to laborers to continue their work.

Government of Pakistan has always appreciated the efforts of the overseas Pakistanis as they are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. They help Pakistan in sustaining the forex reserves and foreign exchange reserves when they send their earnings in the form of remittances.

These remittances not only provide financial help to their families, but also a great source of supporting Pakistan’s economy. This is why when these overseas Pakistanis return home, they must be paid back with financial support or with the employment opportunities.

In this spirit, the government of Pakistan announced to start programs to support the overseas returnees and provide them with the toolkits to initiate their business on a smaller scale. So that they don’t have any financial problems when they return home.

Role of OPF and PGFRC

Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) and PGFRC are vital in reestablishing overseas returnees and making them self-employed. A ceremony was organized in Islamabad by the corporation of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation and PGFRC.

In this ceremony, they distributed the 80 toolkits to help laborers work as a plumber, motorcycle mechanic, painter, carpenter, masons etc. The overseas returnees completed the training from PGFRC.

At this inauguration event, the Director of Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, Dr Amer, said that this event had been organized to support returnees from abroad to reestablish their employment with the help of OPF and PGFRC.

Nevertheless, GIZ Country Director Tobias Becker mentioned that PGFRC is becoming a vital part of growing the employment rate in Pakistan, through which migrants would be able to run their businesses and make a living.

He also said that this program provides an amazing opportunity not only for better employment, but institutions can also grow and help to achieve their goals.

Moreover, he mentioned that many migrants go abroad for work, but at some point in life, they have to come back to their homeland and go through the tussle of restoring their working journey.


To wrap up the whole conversation, we can say that Overseas Pakistanis Foundation organizations are participating in rebuilding Pakistan’s development by helping the returnee overseas Pakistanis. When they start work, the employment rate will increase.

So, it’s essential to provide employment opportunities to the overseas Pakistanis who are no longer working abroad, and they need a support system to help their family.

In this scenario, the initiative of the government to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis returnees with the toolkits to start their small business and make a living for themselves and for their family.

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