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Since we have been observing, many Pakistani foreign investors have invested in real estate multiple times. That is advantageous for the Pakistan real estate market and Pakistan’s economic development.

According to the world investment report, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) increased from $1.7 billion to $2.2 billion in 2018-2019. Is this the only reason to encourage overseas Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan?  If they are interested in investing in the Pakistani real estate market, they might have other reasons to invest in Pakistan.

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Let’s take a look at these reasons one by one!


As we know, overseas Pakistanis are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. They play a vital role in managing the financial and current account deficit crisis in Pakistan. They always support Pakistanis in hard times. However, there are many factors to consider before we bring in more foreign investment to Pakistan. Let’s discuss each of them!

Digital banking

Before the start of digital banking, financial transactions were a cumbersome task, while residing in a foreign country. Some had to visit Pakistan and complete the procedure; some did that with their relative’s help.

Since digital banking started, it has been convenient for foreign investors to make their transactions via digital banking. Online banking permits the investors to receive the payments within a week. Local investors are also eligible to make the payments via the digital procedure.

Technological Advancement

Now, the world has changed, and it is an age of technology; it is a crucial factor to take into account for overseas investing in Pakistan. No one can deny the influence of social media apps in our daily life. The age of technology made man’s life convenient and full of awareness if someone is sitting in another country but can get authentic information from authentic apps.

Technology is playing a vital role in making investments in Pakistan. Because when they get to know about government schemes, private housing or commercial schemes running, they get credible information and invest in the real estate market. They can make the whole investment procedure from a distance of thousands of miles via online banking or payment system.

Real estate consultants

Foreign investors need a trustworthy person who can make their process in Pakistan for investment hassle-free. The role of a consultant is integral because they organize the process and complete paperwork, buying or purchasing property with transparency. A consultant deals on behalf of foreign investors.

Suppose foreign investors are busy people; they will find the alternative that can search the real estate market and its trends to invest in the right and credible real estate project.


To wrap up the conversation, we discussed the helping elements that encourage foreign investors to invest in the real estate market. Advancements in technology in Pakistan, real estate consultants and digital banking are the captivating factors overseas investors consider before they invest in the real estate sector.

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