If we talk about overseas Pakistanis those who want to become tax filers and have some questions relevant to a tax return. You are at the right place. We will give you the proper information about tax filing.  What process overseas will go through during tax filing?

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Before we move ahead, we have to clarify what is tax filing in Pakistan.

Who is a tax filer?

To avoid any confusion, let’s first discuss the tax filer and who can become a tax filer.
For this, the government categorized the citizens into two:

Tax filer

If you are registered with the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR), you are considered a tax filer. Someone who is on the list of FBR as an active taxpayer is called a Tax filer with tax returns.

Non-tax filer

IF you have an income level or enough assets to become a tax filer, yet you have not registered yourself with the FBR, you will be considered a non-filer. On the other hand, A non-taxpayer is not included in the list of active taxpayers.

Is it necessary for overseas to become a tax filer

The answer is yes, it’s a must for overseas to file taxes to show their source of income.

Tax filing is not different from other countries. It’s based on the residency of an individual. One point is crucial to understand that all residents of Pakistan who may earn domestically or from abroad are taxed on their income. Meanwhile, overseas have to pay tax returns on their Pakistani-based source of income.

Nonresidents are not obliged to display their wealth statement either. Overseas Pakistani, those who have Pakistani income sources less than the legal tax bracket; can also take advantage of becoming a tax filer if they have a valid CINC.

What is considered taxable income in Pakistan?

Pakistani sourced income means a person is earning from Pakistan. It means if a resident of Pakistan is living abroad and have a source of income in Pakistan, his tax return will be deducted from the income source earned in Pakistan.

One thing is mandatory here to mention if income tax is deducted from the individual salary it doesn’t mean the person has become a tax filer. For recognition as a tax filer, an individual has to be included in the active taxpayer list.

Further, for any overseas Pakistani who wants to purchase or sell anything, the foreigner has to display his assets to FBR and present the proper transactional channel allowed by the State Bank of Pakistan.

Moreover, FBR and further relevant authorities are permitted to open an inquiry into any taxpayer assets and get them to explain the source of their income if needed.

How can overseas Pakistanis file a tax return in Pakistan

If overseas Pakistani wants to become tax filer, they need to get an NTN number from the Federal Board of Revenue by registering themselves.

Further talk about the process of tax filing for overseas. Firstly you need to check your taxpayer status.

How can you check taxpayer status?

There are two quick ways to know about your taxpayer status.

  • Overseas can check their tax filer status via SMS. They just need to type ATL (space) CNIC number and send it to 9966. After that, you will receive an SMS in which you will be updated about your status. Pakistani SIM will be required for this purpose.
  • The other option is to go to the official website and search “taxpayers” in the navigational panel. From the drop-down Manu, select “active taxpayers”, it will lead you to another tab where you will enter the CNIC number and verification code. After clicking on “verify” it will lead you immediately if your name is in the ATL.

FBR registration for overseas Pakistani

FBR registration for overseas Pakistanis is effortless and convenient. Those overseas Pakistanis who never had filed their tax previously, just need to register themselves with FBR registration online by clicking on “Registration for unregistered persons”. Fill out the form that will be given and display your details and log into IRIS.

Moreover, you have to verify your email and phone number via codes that will be sent to your smartphone. Enter the codes as soon as possible.

Otherwise, they will be get expired. Finalize the “Registration Form” present in the draft folder and submit it to get your NTN.


Filing a tax return for overseas Pakistanis

To file income tax returns by Pakistani ex-pats, follow the steps that are given below.

  • Log in to “IRIS” and click on “declaration” on top of Manu. Then you can follow the further procedure in our guideline “How to become a tax filer in Pakistan”.
  • Make sure you’ve mentioned your income source from foreign sources in the “other sources” on the online portal.
  • Select your status “resident” or “non-resident”, according to the” Attribute” section, and provide the relevant information.

Benefits of being a filer in Pakistan

There are various benefits of being a filer in Pakistan. If overseas Pakistanis become tax filers in Pakistan they have the opportunity to pay fewer tax returns on their financial transactions.

Becoming a tax filer in Pakistan is most advantageous for expats who want to invest in Pakistan real estate, stock exchange, prize bonds, and mutual funds.

Furthermore, non-filers, as compared to active taxpayers, have to pay only half of the wholesale tax. Overseas have 50% tax amnesty on purchasing vehicles in Pakistan.

In addition, overseas tax filers pay 15% tax on winning a prize bond whereas non-filers pay 25% percent.


In the end, we can say that becoming a tax filer in Pakistan is most advantageous for overseas Pakistanis. They have the opportunity to pay less tax while purchasing vehicles.


Moreover, they have the benefit to invest in different sectors of Pakistan. In this blog, we discussed a lot of information relevant to overseas tax filers and gave the proper guide on how can they become tax filers in Pakistan.

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