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Why is House Inspection Necessary for House Sellers?

House inspection is necessary for the seller to ensure the safety of many lives. Human lives are significant, so firstly, make sure this house is safe for the buyer. The other thing is that when a seller inspects his house before selling, it creates trustworthiness between buyer and seller. The buyer hires the inspection team to assess the house in many cases.

House inspection has much importance in real estate. When selling or purchasing a land or house, we find many things that push us for house inspection.

What is House Inspection?

Home inspection means that analyze the problems and issues in the house. These problems can be outdoor or indoors. Discover the issues in the functioning of a house. Home inspections include the structure, lawn, windows & doors, bathroom, kitchen, and clogged gutters. Examines all of them functionally. For example, examine the electricity, plumbing, and drainage system.

Types of House Inspection

House Inspection can be divided into two parts:

  • External Inspection
  • Internal Inspection

Let’s discuss each of these types one by one

External Inspection

External Inspection is a crucial element of the house. In which, we assess the functionality of structure, lawn, windows & doors, balconies, and walkways.


In a structure of a house, many things are included like foundation, exterior walls, roof, footing foundation, landscapes, etc.

  • In External Inspection, the seller must inspect the structure.
  • When we talk about structure, it’s considered the most crucial feature in real estate because structure grabs the client’s attention, and the other things come as the second priority.
  • Check the segments bricks are fine are not.
  • Ensure the high-quality material has been used while building a house structure. Because cheap material is poor in quality, this structure can’t maintain for long and can ruin within a few years.
  • The seller must be aware of the structure’s aesthetics and maintenance, which shouldn’t have any kind of defects.


A lawn is the external part of a house in which many things need to be checked out like trees, shrubs, grass, walking track, etc.

  •  If we are talking about external Inspection, the lawn is considered the central part of the house.   The seller should have to analyze the lawn and its system.
  •  Check if the sewerage system working well, and has any standing water issues or not.
  •  Shrubs are harmful or not.
  •  Trees are trimmed well or not.
  •  Do walking tracks have cracks or not.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are the most valuable parts of a house. Windows are the source of light and fresh air from outside.

  •  Firstly, check the quality of windows and doors. Whether it can stand all types of weather conditions or not.
  •  Check if the window’s frames are working well or not.
  •  Make sure its glasses are intact.
  •  Check if the window’s glasses have scratches or not.
  •  Ensure the glasses of the windows are not broken.
  •  Ensure the door’s wood is not rotten and is in good condition.
  •  Lastly, check its locks are fine and working well.

Roof Inspection

We find a general problem of roof seeping during rain due to the damaged shingles. The seller must discover the reasons and then try to improve or repair the roofing. There are many ways through which he can prevent the roof from seeping. For example, apply roof tar, use PE plastic, and install new shingles.

Internal Inspection

In internal Inspection, the seller needs to assess the house’s inner functionality and indoor structure before selling it at a reasonable price.

Room’s Inspection

Let’s discuss what a seller can check in a room to ensure the room is in good condition.

  •  Check walls if there are any cracks.
  •  Make sure the wall’s paint is satisfactory enough or does it need a fresh coating of color.
  •  Check if the wall’s sheets have scratches or not.
  •  Make sure the system of electricity is working correctly, and
  •  There is no uncovered wire that can be the cause of any harm.
Kitchen Inspection

The kitchen is a vital part of any house. Many systems exist like plumbing electricity, carpeting, etc., in a kitchen.

  •  Make sure cabinets are fine or damaged from somewhere and need to be repaired. Check drawers are fine, and there’s no issue in the opening.
  •  Check the gas pipes if there is no leakage because it can be dangerous.
  •  Also, inspect the water system to see if it has a leakage issue.
Bathroom inspection

Typically, buyers visit the bathrooms in rare cases while visiting the house. Still, it is the seller’s responsibility to ensure it’s working correctly or needs to fix the system. After buying a house, most buyers complain of electric shocks in a bathroom.

  •  Check the drainage system to see if there is no water blockage.
  •  Check fixtures if the water pressure and flow are fine.
  •  Bathroom tiles are suitable or need to replace.
  •  Lastly, check for pipeline leakage.
Electricity inspection

Electricity is the most common and vital component in a house. Its checking is the most important. Otherwise, it can be the cause of any danger.

1. It may be possible you will find some exposed points before selling. So, you must check electricity points, so immediately cover them.
2. The electricity lights system on the lawn must be covered because it can cause harm in the rain.

Clogged Gutters

Clogged gutters can be a source of many diseases and unpleasant odors. The overflow of water during the rain can cause the blockage of gutters due to the leaf debris that blocks the smooth water flow.


We recommend the seller inspect a house before selling. Many components in the house, if left unassessed, can be the reason for a giant disaster just because of little carelessness. House assessment is necessary for the safety of a house and its residents.

In real estate, trust is the key factor to grab your clients. So, it’s significant to create a relationship of trustworthiness between seller and buyer by selling a house in good condition. A seller can take services from any real estate inspector.