You are currently viewing An enlightening Introduction to what Real Estate Investment in Pakistan is all about

An enlightening Introduction to what Real Estate Investment in Pakistan is all about

Making money is a hard job. Spending Money is harder. To make more money you must spend wisely. The best-laid plan for doing that is investing in the real estate market. The best is to start investing in real estate investment in Pakistan. This allows you to expand your portfolio and get a hand with what real estate investment is all about. Starting with a small investment is a great idea to boost your investment portfolio. For a faster pace and better return on investment, your best bet is going large.

The current best project to spend large and have a high return on investment is AAA OCTA. This is a collaborative construction project between AAA Associates and Hashoo Group. Where the latter will manage the hotel suites the former has in AAA OCTA. This is a great achievement for AAA Associates as Pearl Continental is a famous hotel and guest management in Pakistan.

Why is Real Estate investment in Pakistan the best place to start?

To make the best of Real Estate investment in Pakistan you must follow some serious considerations. These will help you be safe and secure in every way possible. The real estate investment in Pakistan does look like an oasis but is filled with mirages that can be harmful to you if you don’t follow proper procedures. These considerations will help you in the long run, and you will have more trust in your investment than before.

Consideration # 1: Invest in a feasible Scheme

Always invest in feasible projects. Such as the AAA Associates OCTA project. You can get live updates on the project here. You can clearly show that not only the construction of the project is on point, but it will be ready before the scheduled completion. Word of mouth doesn’t guarantee anything. It would be wise to check the site for yourself. In Pakistan, people say one thing and do another thing. This is common. You don’t need to experiment with your hard-earned cash. Be assured and invest wisely.

Consideration # 2: Become a Tax Filer

Becoming a Tax Filer is not only mandatory but an important task if you want to invest in Real Estate in Pakistan. This is because the government of Pakistan has tightened the noose when investing in real estate projects. Many people use real estate investment to clean up their illegal gains and turn them into white money. They do this by avoiding taxes. This does more damage to the real estate sector than you can imagine. To view how you can become a tax filer, click here. This guide will greatly show you how easy it is to become a tax filer. Becoming one will help you save money on each transaction when investing in the real estate sector in Pakistan. In contrast, you will save around PKR 100,000.

Consideration # 3: Avoid Investing in Residential Properties.

Investing in residential property might seem a great thing when the market was fresh. But that is not the case. Residential housing market prices have reached the roof and finding the right buyer is not only a hassle but an issue. Your best bet is to invest in commercial properties such as AAA OCTA or ARCADE projects by AAA. The other reason is the amount of property tax you must pay when investing in residential assets. These charges might seem fair, but in the long run, when you can’t find a buyer, they take a toll on your savings.

Consideration # 4: Get Knowledge about the project

New Investors are an easy target for deceptive marketing. It is common ground. That is why the AAA OCTA project is backed by Hashoo Group. The latter is known for reliability and trust. So, you can invest in the project, but it is still recommended to know what real estate investment in Pakistan truly is. Don’t worry you can read it here. The above-mentioned articles explain not only the basics of what investing in real estate in Islamabad is and how to be safe. The other way is to visit the locality where the project has been approved. For example, AAA OCTA falls under the CDA (Capital Development Authority). This project is fully approved by them.

 Benefits of Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

Real Estate has been a perfect sector where the more you invest, the more profitable it becomes. It comes with a slew of beneficial advantages. Here are some that are worth noting down:

  •         You can buy a real estate project and rent it out to generate passive income monthly. This will mitigate expenses you might incur down the road. It will also boost your investment portfolio.
  •         You can buy a plot of land and develop it which you can commercialize down the road. This will generate passive income at a faster pace.
  •         You can buy a plot of land and convert it into agriculture. Keep Zero tax on agricultural land.
  •         By re-investing in the same market, you help develop jobs and create sustainability. These are great for the economy and keep healthy competition.
  •         Decreases your tax threshold and get more exposure than you already have


The purpose of this article was to give you a seamless enlightening account of why investing in Real estate in Pakistan is a good choice. For people who want to get a taste of how to expand their investment itch, this is the best place to start. Start small and then go all the way in. The only risk is that you invest in something that hasn’t been approved. To avoid that do check with government bodies to verify the viability of the project.