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What is RERA? A Guide to Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) in Pakistan

Real estate is the most revenue-generating industry in Pakistan. It makes billions of dollars in a year. There was a RERA in the real estate industry of Pakistan to avoid scams and fraudulent activities. It was crucial to keep an eye on a growing real estate industry. Investors and sellers were taking undue advantage of the unregulated real estate industry.

What is RERA?

RERA stands for the Real Estate Regulatory Authority, which manages & controls the real estate industry. RERA Act was passed in 2020 by the government. The registration of property buyers and sellers and agents with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority is obligatory. It’s approval is mandatory before establishing any sort of development project.

Significance of RERA Act

The real estate industry was facing a lot of issues and challenges in Pakistan. These issues lingered on for years and years but couldn’t get resolved. Then, the government of Pakistan realized the need for an institution to overcome the challenges.

Otherwise, agents, buyers, and sellers were equally enjoying the unregulated property sector and were contributing to increased corruption and money laundering in Pakistan. A minor legal issue took years of years but didn’t get resolved.

Many problems come in the settlement of cases, and stay orders from the court. Both parties wasted their time and money in the hassle of court just for the sake of a little piece of land. Initially, fallacious agents played the game with an investor and ran away.

Since the introduction of RERA in Pakistan, a lot of matters have been resolved until now because it’s specifically for the real estate industry. Above all, the beneficial thing is that it protects the rights of the buyer, sellers, and brokers.

It’s stringent policies ensure that the property assets of both parties are in safe hands. It also promotes your business in a market. It gives you the confidence to come and invest without any fear. Now, it’s the opportunity for buyers & sellers to save their money, time, and energy.

The government established Real Estate Regulatory Authority to formulate in-line policies and maintain them accordingly. Real Estate Regular Authority is responsible for the resolution of disputes and claims according to the law without any favoritism.

Moreover, It is responsible for making sure all policies are followed by the investors and all the dealers. The real estate Regular Authority is responsible for keeping a check on investors, sellers, and buyers. The real Estate Regulatory Authority keeps an eye on property dealers and a person who is taking a house for rent. In any sort of conflict, RERA will intervene and deal with the legal and technical matters according to the RERA Act.

Important features of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority

The real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is a new regulatory body in Pakistan. Here are some of the features given below:

  • The federal government of Pakistan appointed its chairman.
  • In commercial and residential projects, developers need the approval of relevant authorities. In that case, RERA approves all the real estate projects. Without its approval, the developers can’t run a housing society. Clearance from this regulatory body is mandatory before starting a project.
  • Real Estate Regulatory Authorities have the authority to ask about previous project details to the developers. If they are marketing their project, they have to take permission from RERA first.
  • Real estate agents, who are involved in buying and selling, need to register themselves and take a license before starting a real estate business.
  • RERA can cancel the license of developers and marketing agencies if they find the irrelevancy in the criteria.
  • In the real estate industry, marketing organizations have to take permission initially from the Real Estate Regulatory Authority.
  • The real Estate Regulatory Authority manages to encourage investment.
  • The governing body has the charge to protect the rights of investors and buyers.
  • RERA works as a consultant. It has a charge to resolve disputes without pursuing them in civil courts.
  • The governing body will look after the government developing schemes.


The real Estate Regulatory Authority is a successful initiative of the government. It has played a pivotal role and controlled the whole conflicts and illegal activities with the implementation of effective laws in the real estate industry of Pakistan. Here are some duties of RERA that have been given below :

  • RERA can charge a fine as a result of the violence of the rules and regulations.
  • Register the real estate agents, developers, marketing companies, and investors.
  • Monitors the system of property or real estate in Pakistan.
  • Resolve issues on property disputes.
  • It manages the customer’s complaints.
  • RERA is responsible to manage the laws and keep them updated, on these laws related to property transfer in Pakistan.
  • RERA works on government-related tasks relevant to real estate.
  • Set objectives for the smooth running of the property industry.


To wrap up, hopefully, all the confusion related to Real Estate Regulatory Authority has been cleared. In this blog, we have discussed all the important features of RERA. We talked about RERA and its importance, features, and responsibilities. The real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) is a specific institution for the real estate industry in Pakistan, which controls the matters under the law of the RERA act.

At last, It’s the successful effort of the government to manage real estate matters. For Examples, fraud in investment, property disputes, the violence of rules & regulations, etc. All developing agencies, advertisement agencies, real estate agents, investors, sellers, and developers are registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority to get a license.