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Love to travel back in time, or you’re just a history geek?

Today, we’ve listed down some of the most exciting historical places in Pakistan for you who wish to travel back in time or love to listen to old tales of royals and kingdoms.

Top Historical Places in Pakistan

In Pakistan, you can uncover many cultures and diversities while visiting the places that are historically significant and culturally appreciated. Pakistan is rich in diverse cultures, religions, and architectural masterpieces, and its land is as old as the Indus Civilization.

In this article, we will discuss the most important historical places that are either in ruins or still stand the test of time in all their glory. So, let’s travel back in time!

1.   Noor Mahal Bahawalpur

historical places in pakistan

Noor Mahal has many stories attributed to its structure and the royals. A famous fable of Noor Mahal points towards the burial of many coins and maps in its foundation in 1872 as a sign of a good omen.

Perhaps, this is why it still speaks highly of the Nawabs of Bahawalpur. Whether you believe in its stories, but you find yourself absorbed in the embellishments of this ancient structure.

Although the Noor Mahal for whom the Mahal was constructed could spend only one night fearing the adjacent graveyard. Currently, under the control of the Pakistan Army, this fascinating Noor Mahal is open for public visits. So, if you’re planning to visit historical places in Pakistan, keep it at the top of your list.

2.   Rang Mahal Lahore

rang mahal lahore

Rang Mahal Haveli in Lahore has a long history since it was first built by the most creative governor of the then Lahore, Nawab Saadulah Khan of Chiniot. Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan, was remarkably impressed by the artistic imagination of Saadullah Khan.

He appointed him the Governor of Lahore, but the most appreciated works of Mughal architecture were constructed under him. One of them is Rang Mahal of Lahore, where he lived and created masterpieces of immaculate engravings and embellishments.

If you want to visit this house, currently Government Rang Mahal High School and Government Rang Mahal Christian High School, you can experience the imagination of the artist of Chiniot.

3.   Mohenjo-Daro

mohenjo daro

Spread over 300 hectares, Mohenjo-Daro hints towards a much-advanced civilization around 4400 years ago. The archaeologists discovered this place in the 1920s in the city of Larkana in Sindh. You can imagine how the humans in ancient civilizations provided the best frescos and sewerage systems to their citizens in 2500 BCE.

By walking through the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro, you can indeed travel back in time and can imagine how they lived. Moreover, you can touch and understand the play of life and death without changing after so many years.

4.   Taxila


The lost city of Taxila, once an educational seat of worldwide scholars, is an attraction for people interested in ancient religions, cultures, and history. Located near Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Taxila has so much to satisfy the history-savvy people.

They can visit a museum to find the ancient Buddhist cultural masterpieces and their stupas preserved in it. Moreover, you can roam around to watch caves, monasteries, and stupas. Historical places in Pakistan like Taxila has so much to offer.

5.   KAtasraj Temple

katasraj temple

Nearby Motorway M2 and the Kallar Kahar mountainous region is the 7th Century Katas Raj Temple. It’s a complex of many temples with a pond or lake in between them.

As mentioned in the Hindu Epic Mahabharata, this lake is regarded as the most sacred by the Hindus. Due to this place’s historical and religious significance, Indian Minister L.K Advani visited this place in 2005.

KatasRaj is an ideal place to visit for experiencing the Hindu traditions that lived for hundreds of years here.

6.   Harappa


Accessible in the Sahiwal District of Punjab, the Harappa ruins remind us of the largest city between 2600BC and 1900 BC. Having a population of approximately 23 000, the Harappa place is thought to be the largest city and the epicenter of the Indus Civilization, the largest civilization known in the world in ancient times.

By visiting this most modern place, you can witness the ultra-modern lifestyle of the urban cities with diverse cultures and economic systems. Although, the remnants of this place were destroyed during the construction of the Lahore-Multan railways track by the British Raj in 1957.

7.   Takhat-e-Bahi

takht bahi

Best known as the Buddhist place, Mardan is attractive to people who take a special interest in the Buddhist religion. This place was a hot dwelling of the Buddhists during the 1st Century BC.

Although this place was abandoned in the 7th century, you can still find a lot of monasteries, stupas, and Tantric Monastic chambers. Once a part of the Gandhara city, this site has been preserved as a World Heritage Site. It’s a must-visit place for everyone.

8.   Nagarparker Jain Tempels


The places in Pakistan are as diverse as the cultures before the partition and even before the British Rule. You can witness this diversity at the Nagarparker along the Indo-Pakistan border in the South of Sindh.

Of all the complex of 14 temples, one of the oldest Gori Temples is among them. Inspired by the Jainism architecture in Sindh, Muslims constructed a mosque near these temples. The incredible frescos attract the attention of the tourists, and you can imagine the life of the Jains during the 12th and 15th centuries.

9.   Wazir Khan Mosque

Wazeer Khan Mosque Lahore

From 1641 to 1648, it took seven years to build Wazir Khan Mosque. Located near Shahi Hammam Baths in the Walled City of Lahore, its immaculate tin-glazed pottery designs and fascinating frescos are the attractions of this remarkable mosque.

Wazir Khan commissioned this mosque and was widely recognized as the grand mosque of Lahore for the Friday prayers. The Begum Shahi Mosque heavily inspired the Wazir Khan Mosque architecture and calligraphy that the Jahangir built in honor of his mother in 1614.

10. Badshahi Mosque

Badshahi Mosque Lahore

Your trip is incomplete without a Badshahi mosque visit whenever you visit Lahore. Mughal Emperor, Jahangir, who was less interested in art and more in military expeditions built Badshahi Mosque. He made this mosque to showcase his military triumphs in the South of India. This imperial mosque was built in 1671. It took only two years to build this iconic mosque beside the Lahore Fort.

And the list goes on. Pakistan is a land with diverse cultures, and you can discover every civilization, religion, and culture when you read its history or visit any part of this country.

However, suppose you see the above historical places in Pakistan. In that case, you can realize that it’s not the 7th century when our history, but the Indus civilization has its unique place in the history of Pakistan.

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