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The Future of Real Estate in Pakistan

Pakistan’s Real Estate market will see a huge shift in the coming months. This is on the behest of Pakistan Growing population and the housing issue. As the population rises, they require homes. This is one of the few indicators that the prices of houses will rise. Currently, the prices for Pakistani Housing are high.  The real culprit is the rise in population causing high home prices.

To ensure the real estate market remains green, companies have started revitalizing their core values. Pakistan’s Real Estate market is the fastest-growing industry and has over 100 connections with other sectors. This means that if the Real Estate Market gets a boom in Pakistan so these other companies will. This is called the Dominoes effect. For many domestic and international investors, the Pakistan Real Estate market seems to be a blissful experience.

Here are some considerations to look forward to concerning the future of Real Estate in Pakistan

The purchase of Residential property is no longer a priority

Domestic and International Pakistanis used to prefer to purchase residential properties. They tend to either flip them for profit or use them for rental income. But that is not the case anymore. As many residential properties are commonly purchased using savings. Instead, people are now using their savings to survive. This is why it has a Mandela effect.  The current economic climate has caused real estate prices to rise.

The expansion of the Real Estate market in Pakistan has begun

The demand for new housing has always been a consequence. As the population of Pakistan rises so does their demand for housing. Not being able to fulfill will cause scarcity. This will compound the expansion of the real estate market in Pakistan. The people of Pakistan have only two options when it comes to affordable housing. Once they can buy a house, they can get toward the rental route. Right now, the buying-the-house route seems expensive.

Cost of Living

The cost of Living plays an essential factor in the real estate market. Rawalpindi is considered by far the cheapest location for a living whereas Islamabad is expensive. This is due to the fact that the amenities present in Rawalpindi are quite different from what is present in Islamabad. Urban locations are said to be the best locations when it comes to the cost of living.

Technology will integrate into Real Estate Market

The integration of Technology into the real estate market of Pakistan has done wonders for it. Before the only way to make a real estate deal was one-on-one, but now you can view a listing in the palm of your hand. Online Listings like Granna and Zameen have truly brought life into the real estate market. This has increased the visibility of the real estate project at the same time. You can learn more about AAA OCTA by visiting the website. This is also because of how technology has brought accessibility.

Rise in Rental Market

As compared to the last decade, the property value has jumped to an all-time high. This is because the demand for homes has increased tenfold. People who can’t afford new homes tend to shift to rental properties.  The cost of living and the affordable economy are some factors as to why people are going for rental projects. People of Pakistan would use their savings to build homes, but now they are using them for survival. Renting out is still a viable outcome than buying a house.

Is the Real Estate Market of Pakistan ripe for Investment?

The answer is yes. The falling Pakistan rupee has fallen against the US Dollar which in turn makes it cheaper to buy property in Pakistan than it was a few years ago.  This is why Pakistan requires Foreign Direct investment and is desperate. Places like Karachi and Lahore have seen increased property prices as they are prime locations. The same can be said about Islamabad by having Rawalpindi in its proximity. This is why living in Rawalpindi is Cost Effective.  To make the best of your investment you should follow these things


  • Always check the cost they incur
  • Pick the size of the property
  • Location plays an important role
  • Have contingencies
  • Always check the terms
  • Invest in Real Estate in small doses.
  • Expand only when you know what you are doing.



The whole purpose of this article was to inform you that the economy might look in dire straits but the Real Estate market isn’t. In time the Real Estate Sector will move into a narrower path. For investors, it will be a blessing.