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Do you want to know about plot size conversion in Pakistan as you want to construct a new house or want to buy a plot in Rawalpindi/Islamabad? Well, you might have come across the measurement of your plot or your house. Similarly, if you want to construct a house, you have to measure the size and site map of your plot to estimate the overall cost of selling or constructing your home.


However, different measurement methods are in use for the measurement of a location in Pakistan. As a result, you might estimate the wrong calculation or the wrong measurement if you are not aware of the calculation rules or the correct calculation values.


However, different cities rely on different measurement methods in our country. For example, the property owners measure a plot in ‘Marla’ and ‘Kanal’. On the contrary, the measurement units of ‘square yards’ and ‘square feet’ are used in Sindh.

In this blog, we will inform you about different measurements that are widely used in Pakistan. It will help you consider while you are measuring the size of your plot or house. So, let’s start!


  • 1 marla converts into 225 square feet
  • 1 marla converts into 20.9 square meters
  • 1 marla converts into 25 square yards (Ghaz)
  • 1 Kanal (20 marlas) converts into 4500 square feet, 419 square meters, and 500 square yards (Ghaz)

On the other hand, some real estate developers measure a property into yards and ghaz. So, you may need to convert your property from Kanal to acre, marla to yards, marla to ghaz, etc.


In this section, we will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive chart of plot size conversion in Pakistan. It will help you convert your property size into square feet, square meters, and square yards. Moreover, you can easily convert 1 marla to gaz and 1 marla in square feet. So, let’s have a look at this property size conversion chart!

Marla Square Feet Square Meters Square Yards (Ghaz)
1 225 20.9 25
2 450 41.81 50
3 675 62.71 75
4 900 83.61 100
5 1125 104.52 125
6 1350 125.42 150
7 1575 146.32 175
8 1800 167.22 200
9 2025 188.13 225
10 2250 209.03 250
11 2475 229.93 275
12 2700 250.84 300
13 2925 271.74 325
14 3150 292.64 350
15 3375 313.55 375
16 3600 334.45 400
17 3825 355.35 425
18 4050 376.25 450
19 4275 397.16 475
20 (1 Kanal) 4500 418.06 500


Hopefully, this property conversion chart helps in converting 1 marla to gaz, 1 Kanal to square feet, and into square meters also. Moreover, you can easily convert square yards to square feet with the help of this chart.


Firstly, A marla is the most common property measurement as it is widely used in South Asia including Pakistan too. Its measurement is equal to the 160th part of an acre. A place of 20 Marlas is renamed as 1 Kanal.


Secondly, a square feet is calculated to measure the area by multiplying the length and width. On the other hand, you can also estimate the length and width of a place in feet using this measure of square feet.


Thirdly, a square meter is used to calculate the area of a place in meters. For this, the length and breadth of an area is discovered to find the total measurement in square meters.


Finally, the square yards are a result of the multiplication of length by breadth. This measurement result must be in feet. In the end, divide this measurement by a number of nine. After division, the resulting number will be in square yards.


So, we can say this article will help you considerably when you want to convert or measure your plot into another measurement. You can convert property size into Marla, square feet, square yards, and square meters. As a result, it will save your time and effort in finding the correct and precise measurement of your home or property place.

Plot size conversion in Pakistan is very complex while estimating the cost to construct a house as different parameters are in use currently. Similarly, the cost to construct a basement may vary considerably due to different methods of measuring a property in different parts of Pakistan. However, if you use the conversion chart, you can estimate a fair price and cost of your property. Plot size conversion in Pakistan has been made easy now!