Overseas Pakistanis are worried since they heard the news that the existing government has decomposed the voting bill.

Initially, it was only a rumor and many overseas were perturbed by the uncertainty caused by it. But many times, few politicians mentioned it very clearly once they confirmed the government will drop out this bill for overseas Pakistanis.

You must keep in view that this voting right to overseas Pakistanis was provided by former Prime Minister Imran khan. The state minister, Farooq Sattar, called for the resolution for giving the voting right to overseas Pakistanis

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Backbone of Pakistan

Pakistani foreigners nationals are considered the backbone of Pakistan because they played a great role in boosting Pakistan’s economy. In 2021, overseas Pakistanis sent remittances to their motherland worth $33 billion. It was a great amount than Pakistan’s exports.

So, it shows that expats always expressed their love and patriotism for their homeland.

Additionally, if Pakistanis residents are serving devotedly, it’s their right to cast a vote of political significance.

No doubt, they take part whatever the circumstances in the growth and development of their home country. They send donations, and funds and keep remembering their Pakistani brothers in their good and bad days.

Overseas Pakistanis Investment

As we mentioned above, overseas Pakistanis have contributed immensely to the Pakistan real estate industry. They are always at the front of investment in different Pakistan housing & commercial schemes.

Furthermore, they are also ahead in investing in real estate schemes sponsored by the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF). For overseas, special blocks are constructed for their own residence or for making an investment. They have many options for investment in AAA Octa in Bahria Town.

Overseas Pakistani Remittances

The State bank of Pakistan provided the facility for overseas to send money to their home country in the form of funds, donations, gifts, etc. When overseas send remittances from abroad to Pakistan, improving the economic development. These remittances, of course, support the country.

Not only the state bank of Pakistan serving overseas for home remittances, but other commercial banks also provide the services such as Allied bank, Standard Chartered bank, JS bank, and Faysal bank.

All these banks are at the forefront of getting home remittances. Overseas Pakistanis send money through all of these banking channels. These banks also introduced digital banking for the convenience of the overseas to send remittances. It is a great source of bringing foreign investment as well as foreign reserves for Pakistan.

Foreign Exchange Investment

When overseas Pakistanis invest in foreign exchange currency it also helps gain economic development. Because the overseas invest in foreign currency when the currency rates are low they purchase at low rates and when currency rates go up they converted the in rupees amount and gain profit on investing amount.

So when they earn a profit, Pakistani authorities deduct tax from the profit that gives the benefit to Pakistan’s economy.



Overseas Vote Casting Right

Pakistani foreigners are serving in different ways to establish Pakistan’s economy. They are in large numbers who are living abroad contributing more than the residents of Pakistanis. So, the Pakistani government should give them the right to cast vote in the selection of credible political leadership.

If they are allowed to cast the vote, it will give them a sense of pride and inclusion in politics and national affairs. We already acknowledge them as the assets of Pakistan because they are playing a major role in the economic development of Pakistan. Overseas Pakistanis have been regarded as the economic army of Pakistan.


To wrap up the whole conversation, we can say that overseas Pakistanis are the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. Because of their great financial support, Pakistan is developing economically. Overseas Pakistanis’ investment in different sectors is a major factor in Pakistan’s growth.

They invest in the real estate market, stock exchange, industries, and others. So if they are ahead in making Pakistan resilient globally, vote casting is their right.

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