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Non-Resident Pakistani Rupee Value Accounts introduced for Overseas Pakistanis

A non-resident Pakistani rupee value account was introduced by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) for the overseas Pakistanis.

What is a Non-Resident Rupee Value Account?

On 14th October 1963, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) released a notification for a rupee value account under section 20 (I) (a) of the Act. It mentioned that those Pakistanis living abroad and have a Pakistani domicile can open a non-resident Pakistani rupee value account.

This account is maintained by the mentioned individuals:

  • Overseas Pakistanis.
  • Foreigners, except those who have obtained work visas/permits to work in Pakistan.
  • Companies or firms which are incorporated outside Pakistan.

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Benefits of Non-Resident Rupee Account

Overseas Pakistanis can enjoy many benefits if they are holding a non-resident rupee account, such as:

  • NRVA operated by the NRPs, they can easily invest in Pakistan real estate, stock exchange, and government debt securities.
  • Authorized dealers are eligible to open a joint account with other residents in order with bank laws. Such accounts will be considered non-residents Pakistani rupee value accounts.
  • Moreover, an account holder will be able to run the account operations such as digital banking, ATM, and credit/debit cards. If a client requires the checkbook, it will be issued. Additionally, credit and debit cards can also issue in bank practices.
  • NRVAs are eligible to get remittances from abroad via banking channels, and can transfer funds from foreign currency value accounts. Through that NRVAs can manage their affairs of assets in Pakistan, and disinvestment with an authorized dealer.
  • NRVAs are allowed to transfer their funds in Pakistani rupees to anyone in Pakistan. But, the taken-out credit won’t be deposited back into the account.
  • If the debit card is used internationally, the authorized dealer is responsible for the settlement through the interbank. If an account is dormant, the authorized dealer will find a mechanism through which the account operator will unlock the account.

Investment Through a Non-Resident Rupee Account

In the case of real estate investment, the account holder requires the approval from State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). According to the state bank of Pakistan, the minimum investment period is three years. After the completion of three years, investor can resettle the total amount and can proceed with an investment.

How to Open the Non-Resident Rupee Account?

If overseas want to open a non-resident rupee account, follow these steps:

  • Assemble your all relevant documents.
  • Visit the overseas branch/ banking subsidiaries abroad.
  • After completing the formalities of account opening, send relevant documents electronically to the head office in Pakistan for additional procedures.

How can NRVAs Manage Their Account?

Account holders can make compulsory changes in the organization and maintenance of an account through digital channels like mobile, internet, ATM, and online banking.


A nonresident rupee value account for overseas Pakistanis is a big opportunity to invest in real estate, stock exchange, and government debt securities. To get the dividends/ profit/rent/ interest on such investments by just opening the non-resident rupee value account.

It’s a convenient way to send remittances and funds further and can exchange the rupee for foreign currency.

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