A nation obsessed with cricket, the only sport living in people’s hearts, harms other Pakistan Olympics Sports. The lack of interest of the spectators and the audience might have overshadowed the importance of non-cricket games in Pakistan.

The other reason for the regressing sports games in Pakistan might be the negligence on local, provincial, and national levels. However, there’s no denying that many talented and gifted young people have shown their interest and proved their potential in other games like hockey, weight lifting, wrestling, badminton, skiing, and the list goes on…

However, the absence of training platforms and no coaching facilities discourage these able players as it demands the high cost of buying the sporting equipment and other facilities for the training. Besides, there’s no bright future for the athletes who are curious to join these athletic games and prove their latent up to the max.

In every Olympian Games, Pakistan always has a small contingent to represent the country at the Olympian Games. Since 1947, Pakistan has received 10 Medals; eight of these are in the name of hockey time – once a national gem. But, now, the hockey game is dying fast in Pakistan due to insufficient support and resources for this team.

After 1992, Pakistan failed to seize any medal at the Olympic Games. However, the 2016 Rio Olympic Games revived the enthusiasm at the national and everyone showed their support for the Pakistani Athletes. However, I died soon once the Olympian fever abated.

This article will discuss the Pakistan Olympics background, its achievements and challenges, and how other sporting games can contribute to the national economy on a large scale. So, let’s start this discussion!


Although there’re very few athletes on the list of Pakistan Olympics Games, you can remember those names forgotten for so long after their careers ended in the gloom. But, on the other hand, the new young talent is being wasted due to the government’s utter disregard and the sports federation in Pakistan for these games.

Pakistan has more than seventy years of history, but the list of sports gems regresses every passing year. It represents a grim situation for the Pakistani athletes and authorities at the national and international levels.

More recently, Arshad Nadeem and Talha Talib became in the spotlight as they made it to the finals at the 2016 Olympic Games. However, they were forgotten soon after the Olympic Games ended. This is thought-provoking that Imran Khan, a sportsman himself, has shown a lack of interest in reviving the glorious sports era in Pakistan.

In Beijing Olympic Games 2022, PM Imran Khan will join the opening ceremony. But, sadly, he will join the ceremony with only one athlete from Pakistan. And, the visit is more political than the ruse sense of joining this groundbreaking ceremony.

From Pakistan, Muhammad Karim will participate in the slalom competition on the 16th of February 2022. He is joined by four other officials at the Winter Olympic Games.


However, if the government support the sports culture in Pakistan by organizing sports competition at the educational institutions, sports academies, and institutions and for the young population of

Pakistan, the economy of Pakistan, can stand on its feet by promoting tourism, increasing foreign reserves, and elevating national pride in many spheres.

Pakistan is not a country deprived of talent. Instead, it has a population bomb wasted on finding conventional jobs. Therefore, the sports events in Pakistan can help create a market for young people to adopt sports as their career and grow professionally.

Similarly, the government can train and leverage the skills of the best sports talent in Pakistan in different fields. However, we need strong support from the government and other stakeholders to support the current talent in Pakistan who has no training academies.

Moreover, sports help young people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, keeping them vigorous and physically and mentally fit. On the other hand, the population finds more events for entertainment as the spectrum of sporting events widens at the national and international levels. It imbues a sense of pride and raises the morale of a country.

Besides, the provincial and federal governments can initiate events like Pakistan Super League for other games and sports in Pakistan. It will help provide resources and budget to hunt for the best talent, train them and present them at the national and international levels.

The best way to find talent is to organize different sporting events at educational institutions where the young talent is easy to find and easy to train with the available resources. All we need is a minor sport for the government and other stakeholders.

Recently, AAA Associates has taken the initiative to support the athletes like Mountaineer Sirbaz Khan and organizing the 12th Chairman JSCS, Open Golf Championship 2021 has proved a trendsetter in Pakistan. The others can follow in their footsteps and show their support for the young talent of Pakistan.

Similarly, AAA Associates initiated Jobs Marathon in association with Kamyab Jawab Program for a talent hunt and offered them jobs ultimately. On similar lines, AAA Associates and other stakeholders can create public-private partnership initiatives to support the breathing last sports in Pakistan.


The history of Pakistan reveals the potential young talent in Pakistan. The problem, however, is to take practical and more authentic steps to give a sports-favorable surrounding and environment for the young talent. The government and private enterprises can join hands to promote and revive the sports culture in Pakistan.