The government is facilitating overseas Pakistanis, may they are officers, students, or laborers. Overseas Pakistanis are facilitated by various policies. All policies are equal for everyone.

The Government Facilitation

Different steps are taken by the government to facilitate the overseas Pakistanis that are given below:

  • Overseas Pakistani laborers
  • Overseas Pakistani in a foreign jail
  • Airport facilitation desk
  • Education
  • Foreign employment dues
  • Call Sar Zameen

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Overseas Pakistani Laborers

With the collaboration of the Ministry of National Health Services of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resources Development, the government introduced the Sehat Insaaf card for overseas laborers. Because the overseas laborer can’t afford expensive medical treatment in Pakistan.

Due to this, many people die every year from cancer, Hepatitis C, heart diseases, kidney failure, and dialysis. Treatment of all these diseases is beyond the means of an average person with average income level.

For laborers, it is difficult to manage this costly treatment within hand-to-mouth home budget. Overall, this health program has been introduced in the 45 districts of Pakistan

The government is facilitating the overseas Pakistani laborers by presented the Sehat Inssaf card. This card will facilitate crucial circumstances like accidental cases, surgery, and further costly treatments.

To protect the nation and giving them a healthy life is the responsibility of the government. So, the government took an appreciable step for the laborers’ population.

Family including spouse and children will be treated under this card. For unmarried individuals who are the responsibility of their parents, can get themselves registered with NADRA B-Form. Each family has a financial cover of 720,000 in a year. The laborers families’ medical treatment will be covered by keeping within that specific budget.

Helping Overseas Pakistanis in Foreign Jails

The government of Pakistan (Tahreek-e-Insaaf) did many efforts to release Pakistani nationals who were ailing in Middle East jails for decades over crimes. It was a loss for the government and their families.

Because people go abroad to earn money but their needs make them compel to indulge in different kinds of criminalities. So, the government decided to talk with Middle East countries about prisoners.

Around more than 2600 Pakistani prisoners were in foreign jails just because of extended legal assistance of the Middle East. According to a news report, 6880 Pakistani jailbirds were in jails of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, and Bahrain. Of these, 2612 were released after the government took an action.

Airport Facilitation Desk

The airport facilitation desk has been created for overseas Pakistanis at all international airports by the overseas Pakistani foundation. It pays the various duties on one window desk through which overseas get the benefit in different circumstances.

The duties of this desk are given below:

  • Confirm the smooth and safe departure and arrival overseas.
  • In case of loss of luggage, overseas can approach the facilitation desk where they can submit their complaints.
  • Those overseas Pakistani who are facing physical health issues, this desk gives them special assistance to resolve their issues.
  • Overseas Pakistanis who are interested in exploring the beauty and want to travel to Pakistan, this one window desk give proper assistance and guideline.
  • Furthermore, in case a dead body is brought back to Pakistan to his/her native town, the airport facilitation desk provides the ambulance service free of cost. This facility is provided by the Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF).
  • The airport facilitation desk provides guidelines in case of the exile of overseas Pakistanis. Overseas Pakistani foundation helps them to come back Pakistan.


Building Schools for Overseas Pakistanis

OPF has established 24 schools for overseas Pakistanis throughout Pakistan, which gives those scholarships, stipends, etc, and has special fee concessions in tuition fees to overseas Pakistanis. Established institutions have a disciplined environment.

Call Sarzameen

Call Sar Zameen is an e-complaint cell that was introduced by the collaboration of the ministry of overseas Pakistanis and the national information technology board. Overseas Pakistanis can register their complaints on this free web portal by filling out a registration form and providing details of their complaints.

Moreover, the recently call Sar Zameen app has also been launched for the convenience of overseas. This web portal was called Pak Sar Zameen and launched in November 2018 on a trial basis. At that time, 531 complaints were lodged; 361 had been resolved and 96 were in process.

Foreign Employment Dues

We see in our daily life that the status of employment of many overseas Pakistani expires in abroad. So, most of the heirs don’t know how to recover decades of individual dues from their employment place.

Overseas Pakistani foundations help and assist the legal heir in this regard. In the supervision of OPF, heir can get the assets, insurance, and blood money. Applicants must have to provide the necessary details and documents. A further step will be taken by the relevant Pakistani embassy.

The applicant will provide the following documents:

  • Names of legal inheritors.
  • Relevant documents of unpaid dues.
  • Bank account details.
  • Pakistani issued NOC.
  • Police report or postmortem report (in case of murder)
  • Death certificate copies
  • Insurance card copies.
  • Copy of Aqama (resident permission letter)
  • Copy of Foreign Service agreement.
  • Copy of passport, showing legal status of overseas Pakistani.
  • Embalming certificate.
  • Court order, if any


We sum up the whole conversation on how the government facilitates the overseas Pakistanis. We discussed all the aspects that government established like OPF and how it’s assisting the overseas.

Overseas Pakistani Foundation (OPF) helping the overseas Pakistanis in various platforms like education, airport facilitating desk for resolving their issues by introducing the e-complaint cell with the name of “Call Sar Zameen” for the overseas prisoners and overseas laborers.

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