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How Are Overseas Pakistanis Facilitated Back Home?

Overseas Pakistanis play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of payment (BOP) by sending billions of dollars in remittances every year. However, they have been ignored by the previous governments for many years. How are overseas Pakistanis facilitated back home?

Indeed, foreign nationals are being recognized for their contributions to the development of their home country. For this, several initiatives have been taken by the recent governments to provide facilitations to overseas Pakistanis.

In this blog, we will walk you through all the facilities being offered to overseas Pakistanis and how these facilities have helped non-resident Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan.

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How are Overseas Pakistanis Facilitated Back Home?

Following is the list of the facilities for overseas Pakistanis provided by the government of Pakistan during different periods.

1.    Power of Attorney Facilitation by NADRA

Investing in real estate and providing Power of Attorney (PoA) to any resident of Pakistan has become hassle-free for overseas Pakistanis. Nadra has digitized this process and NRPs can assign the authority to manage, buy or sell their property in Pakistan on their behalf.

2.    Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF)

The establishment of the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) has facilitated the NIPs for several reasons. This platform provides multiple opportunities for foreign Pakistanis to get assistance financially and on many other fronts. By becoming a member of OPF, they can enjoy several services offered by this mega platform established until now in Pakistan.

3.    Roshan Digital Account

Roshan digital account has made the funds transfer by the overseas Pakistanis very convenient and seamless. Now, they can pay their bills, transfer funds, and make payments digitally anywhere in Pakistan and abroad using this service created by the State Bank of Pakistan


4.    One Window Facilitation Desk (OWFD)

One Window Facilitation Desk (OWFD) established at all the eight international airports provides a platform for rectifying the grievances of all Pakistanis living abroad. Moreover, this facility has also been set up at the National Savings Centres and the Regional Directorate of the National Savings (RDNS). Furthermore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) and Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony (MoRA) also offer one Window Facilitation Desk (OWFD) for Pakistani nationals living abroad.

5.    Grievances Commissioner Cell For Overseas Pakistanis

Ensuring the government institutions, departments, ministries, and agencies are doing their best and serving the overseas Pakistanis optimally, Grievances Commissioner Cell was established. This cell aims to alleviate the concerns of the NRPs regarding government institutions.

6.    National Institute of Health (NIH) at the Airports

National Institute of Health (NIH) at the airports ensures that overseas Pakistanis are vaccinated and are safe to travel abroad. This initiative creates convenient and hassle-free covid-19 traveling procedures and vaccine testing, facilitating overseas Pakistanis.

7.    Roshan Apna Ghar

Roshan Digital Account (RDA) holders can now invest or get home finance at discounted mark-up rates. They can avail this remarkable opportunity to own a luxurious home in Pakistan by investing in affordable residential housing societies.

8.    Roshan Apni Car

Similarly, the holders of RDA can finance a car at the lowest rates in Pakistan. On the other hand, the families of overseas Pakistanis can also finance a car at the mark-up rate of 7%. So, owning and financing a personal vehicle has been made seamless for foreign nationals.

9.    Punjab Overseas Pakistan Commission

Punjab Oversea Pakistan Commission entertains the complaints lodged by overseas Pakistanis. For this, they need to register with this commission and lodge their complaint. Addressing and hearing their complaints ensure the concerns of NRP are sorted out quickly.

10. Pakistan Remittances Initiative

Established in 2009, Pakistan Remittance Initiative makes the process of remittances transfer faster, convenient, and efficient. Moreover, the State Bank of Pakistan offers a rebate on crossing a certain threshold of remittances amount being sent to Pakistan. However, only personal remittances and not business remittances qualify for PRI for sending money in Pakistan.

11. Pakistan Overseas Real Estate Forum (POREF)

Overseas Pakistanis living in the USA, Canada, and the UK can invest in the real estate sector of Pakistan. This forum provides authentic and scam-free real estate projects to overseas investors and they can invest their money into these projects for higher returns.

12. FBR Facilitating Overseas Pakistanis

Mobile devices Regularization by the Federal Board of Revenue has ensured that overseas Pakistanis could use their mobile devices without going through device blockage. On the other hand, the FBR facilitates the NRP to file their tax returns digitally and conveniently using the IRIS system of the FBR.

Final Thoughts

Overseas Pakistanis have been provided with a lot of facilities and they are being recognized for their services to the country. Pakistan has taken bold initiatives on many fronts from remittances to Covid-Vaccination and voting rights.

However, there’s a need to be done more as overseas Pakistanis are experiencing multiple challenges in sending their remittances and starting their investments back home. The government needs to make the present facilitation centers more efficient and transparent to help the Pakistani nationals living in other countries instantly.

On the other hand, the NIPs must be allowed to finance the home projects and given the partnership in the government projects as an investor as an alternative to foreign loans and debts. This is the only way to get Pakistan out of the debt spiral. We hope you have got an idea about how are overseas Pakistanis facilitated back home after reading this blog post.

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