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The poetry lovers and revolutionists wait anxiously for the Faiz Festival held at Alhamra Arts Council in Lahore. Faiz Festival has become a regular annual event where literary, poetic, and cultural events are organized to mark the birthday of a celebrated poet, Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Besides Faiz Festival, many other festivals are organized in Pakistan. However, with the fame and respect, Faiz Festival has created, no other literary festival has yet achieved this tremendous eminence. Moreover, this event sparked the lost inclination, particularly, of the young generation of Pakistan towards Urdu literature, poetry, and drama.


This art festival always remains in the limelight due to its one-of-kind theme, exciting literary sessions, amazing book launches, thought-provoking theatre, and mesmerizing musical events.

You will learn everything about Faiz Festival in this article. We will explain the literary Festival in detail that has created a literary tradition in Pakistan. People all over the globe who admire Urdu poetry and Faiz Ahmad Faiz wait for this erudite event eagerly.


Born in Sialkot, Faiz Ahmad Faiz rose to prominence due to his poetry and revolutionist ideas. He was born on the 13th of February 1911 in the Narowal district of Sialkot. His home always greeted poets and other literary personalities, becoming a center where new, innovative and progressive ideas were always welcomed.

Achieving his education in Arabic and English literature from Murray College Sialkot, he took a keen interest in Urdu and Punjabi poetry and grabbed the attention of many poets soon. He also served in the British army and worked as a broadcaster at Daily Times.


The main theme found in his poetry was on subjects of love, revolution, and justice. These are the ideas the young takes inspiration from most. This is the reason the young artists love to read and follow the Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

Moreover, he also received many civil awards in recognition of his services to Urdu literature. He was nominated for Nobel Prize in Literature in 1984. The Russian government conferred on him the Linen Peace Prize in 1962. In 1990, the Government of Pakistan awarded him with the highest civil award of Nishan-e-Imtiaz. The great poet of the East died in Lahore in 1984.


Faiz Foundation Trust launched Premier Faiz Festival in collaboration with Lahore Arts Council at Alhamra in 2015. Mian Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated this festival to mark an era of high regard for the great poet of Pakistan, Faiz Ahmad Faiz.

A host of respectable and prominent literary personalities from South Asia and Russia attended this first Faiz Festival. On the other hand, the second festival also received huge appreciation, and many prominent writers, poets, and singers participated.

After that, Faiz Festival takes place every year to pay tribute to the great poet and his ideas about politics, literature, and poetry. The Faiz festival 2022 preparations are in full swing and everybody seems excited to participate in this much-awaited literary festival. Alhamra Arts Council will organize this festival under the banner of The City of Literature to promote Urdu literature.



This festival will kick off in spring from March 4th till March 6th, 2022. In this event, many domestic and internationally renowned personalities with rich literary backgrounds and tastes will join. Undoubtedly, it helps augment the captivity of this remarkable festival.

The book launches, drama, theatre, music, exhibitions, and orchestral readings will be the center of attraction for satisfying the literary cravings of young and restless people. Undoubtedly, this event will provide opulent literature and poetic experience to everyone.


If you want to know more about Faiz Ahmad Faiz, you may visit Faiz Ghar. It’s a place where you can meet with the writings, letters, marriage certificates, manuscripts, photographs, books, and educational degrees. Launched by the Faiz Foundation Trust Lahore, this landmark project of Faiz Ghar connects you with the exceptional writer and poet whose ideas infused a new sense of revolution in Pakistan.


So, if you have an interest in Literature, art, poetry, and theatre and admire the Urdu language and Faiz Ahmad Faiz, you can visit Faiz Ghar. On the other hand, you can also participate in the 6th Faiz Festival 2022 on March 4th, 2022. This festival is a one-of-kind literary festival where people assemble to share their ideas on Urdu Literature in Lahore every year.

Faiz Foundation Trust & Faiz Festival

The intention of the Faiz Foundation for Pakistan was to promote and honor the literary works of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Moreover, it helps foster new research in his manuscripts and ideas. Until now, Faiz Foundation Trust has contributed much to the advancement of the literary works of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. Since 2007, they have created an exceptional tradition, setting an example to honor our great writers and poets in Pakistan.

It connects the young generation of Pakistan with the lost connection of our history, culture, and literature. It’s a great opportunity to gather a refined community who relish the lost culture of organizing literary festivals in Pakistan. Faiz Festival is an amazing initiative toward reviving this lost tradition.