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Construction Cost of 5 Marla House Grey Structure in 2022

A home is a goal for all but not everyone is able to be successful in achieving it. Making a home from scratch isn’t an easy undertaking, particularly when the builder is not involved in the process, it is more difficult. If you’re thinking about the costs of building 5 Marla homes but aren’t sure what to do this guide is designed for you.

Are you going to construct a 5 Marla house in Pakistan and have got no idea about the construction cost of 5 marla house? Are you still struggling to evaluate and measure all expenses incurred during the construction of your home?

You don’t need to get worried as we have got you covered in this blog. We will walk you through all the estimation costs associated with the construction cost of 5 marla house grey structures in 2022. So, let’s start!

What is Grey Construction?

A grey structure refers to a house with the basic structure of walls, roofs, and plastering. These types of houses are yet not fully furnished. However, the grey structures are ready to be furnished properly and the work on electricity, sewerage, windows and doors, and paints still remains to be completed. Once the grey structure is complete with the basic skeleton of a house, you can analyze the cost of other housing services.

Construction Cost of the Grey Structure

In this guide, we are going to estimate the cost of total a double-story house. You will see an overview of the costs of building a five-Marla home grey structure. In the process of construction involves a lot of things, there are a variety to consider and the cost of construction is divided into two huge chunks i.e.

  1. Grey construction – the home will appear grey following its completion.
  2. Finishing/turnkey construction of the house is the total cost of building the home (involving woodwork, paint, etc.)

This guide to information will provide the estimated cost of construction for the gray structure of five Marla houses. Let’s begin:

The estimated construction area for the gray structure that we offer is for a double-story five Marla house. A double-story 5 Marla house’s area of coverage totals 1,975 sq. ft.

  1. The floor area covered by the ground floor covers 910 square. feet
  2. The first floor’s covered area covers 890 square. feet
  3. And the second floor’s with a covered space of 175 square. ft.

The house is comprised of three bedrooms that have an attached bathroom, momtee as well as two kitchens.

Price of construction of the 5 Marla’s Grey Structure House in 2022


The most important items needed for the building process are bricks, gravel, sand, rebar, and piping for plumbing and electrical wiring. In addition, you must be aware of the cost of labor when building your house. Let’s estimate the construction price of the grey structure!

Sand, bricks, and gravel

Price of bricks, sand, and gravel 899,050

Bricks are the main building material that is used to construct the structure of the home. When it comes to constructing a building of 5 Marla homes, about 100,000 bricks will be required. There are various categories of bricks that are available on the market and the prices differ based on the quality. You must ensure that you are using top-quality bricks for the building. Brick Awwal, also known as A-class bricks currently costs 12.5 per brick. Therefore the cost of bricks is 625,000/+ PKR.

Sand is essential for laying the foundations of five Marla houses available for to sell. The most popular sand used for construction includes Ravi as well as Chenab sand. In the process of construction, it is used to build homes. Sand is a concrete blend retrieved from riverbeds or beachfront.
The sand that is taken from the river bed is grey in color.

Ravi Sand (ryt) is widely used in construction. It is sold for 27 rupees for each cubic ft. The required amount of sand is 3,150 cubic feet. So the cost of Ravi sand would be 85,050.

It is believed that the Chenab sand (plsttr) can be described as superior in terms of quality and prices are more expensive than Ravi sand. In the process of building the house, 700 cubic yards of sand will be required and it is priced at 40 rupees per cubic foot. So the total cost of sand Chenab would be around 28,000.

The cost of gravel and house crush (bjry) is needed to build floors as well as throughout the home. Margalla gravel is used primarily to guarantee top-quality work. However, Sargodha gravel is also employed in foundation work.

Margalla Bajri (lynttr/gravel) is used mainly for roof construction as well as in the lintel (Lenters in more common terms). The minimum amount required will be 900 cubic feet and the cost for each cubic foot of 92 rupees. So, the total price would be the equivalent of 82,800 rupees.

Sargodha Bajri(bjry) can be utilized on the floors in the house. The required sum is about 600 cubic yards and the cost per square foot for a cubic foot will be 72 dollars. The total cost is 43,200. Rori which is used for construction is expected to cost 35,000 or so.

Grills, gates, and Chougat steel:

Cost of gate, grill and Chougat steel the total amount is 235,200/.

The grey structure of the 5 Marla house will require steel on many steps. For example, it will be needed for the installation of window and door frames. According to the estimates, Chougat steel will cost approximately 72,000 rupees.

The windows with safety grills will require grills of 16 gauge that cost 79,200 rupees and 84,000 rupees for the 18 or 16 gauge gate made of steel.

Cement Rebar, Cement Kassu:

So the total price of cement bags is 391,125 rupees. The cost of Kassu cement bags may differ slightly due to the different brands.

Rebar or more are commonly referred to as Sarya is needed in three tons. The grade of Sarya needed is 60-grade and the price per kilogram is the equivalent to 196 rupees. Thus, the total cost of Rebar required is 588,000.

Labor Cost:

Labor Cost 810,000

To be able to obtain an estimation of the cost of construction of the gray structure of the 5 Marla home it is essential to know the price that you’ll be paying in wages for labor. In Pakistan, construction material costs have increased. However, the wages for laborers have not been significantly affected. A double-story 5 Marla house costs about 810,000.

Plumbing and wiring work:

Cost total for electric and plumbing works 225,000
Every house needs electric and plumbing works that involve gas, water electric, sewerage, and drainage systems. It functions as a conduit throughout the home that requires electricity, water, or gas. About 150, 000 are needed in plumbing for the house, and 75,000 are needed in wiring.

Miscellaneous Costs:

Total miscellaneous cost: 123,000/-

The other expenses of the house are the water storage tank. A water tank constructed of cement and bricks could cost about 16,000.
In addition, removing termite colonies is important, and it will cost an investment of 25,000 rupees. In addition, waterproofing the house requires 82,000.

The cost total construction cost for the grey structure of the 5-Marla house is 3,331,375 Pakistani rupees.

That’s it! This is about the cost of construction for the grey structure of five Marla houses. Construction materials prices have been rising rapidly in 2021. The government in power is trying to limit the rising cost of construction materials.

The subsidies and amenities are offered under various housing schemes to build homes. Also, you can reduce the construction cost of 5 marla houses by using subsidy funds under the residential projects of the government and schemes.