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Best Return on Investment in Pakistan

Are you looking for the best return on investment in Pakistan? At the same time, are you unable to decide where you should invest all your money in Pakistan as you’re not sure about the credible investment opportunities in Pakistan?

Don’t worry!!!

We have got you covered. We will provide you with a list of the best investment opportunities in Pakistan where you can multiply your returns instantly.

Investors in Pakistan invest in real estate and gold bullions due to the guaranteed returns. Although there are many options available where investors can invest and get higher returns, they hesitate to invest in those investment options due to increased volatility and risks.

So, keeping in view the risk, we have prepared a list of risk-free and less risky investment options in which investors can invest safely and confidently. Check out this list and watch your money grow within years.

Top 5 High Return Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

Check out the list of top five high return investments in Pakistan that are expected to grow returns in the upcoming years and ultimately will increase the value of your investment.

1.   Invest in Real Estate

Real estate investment is the safest and most profitable investment in Pakistan for various reasons. For example, the real estate boom started in 2005 in Pakistan, and since then, real estate has been continuously thriving in Pakistan.


More recently, the government announced revolutionary incentives for the overseas Pakistanis to promote investment in the real estate sector and ultimately increase the foreign exchange reserves. So, if you want to enjoy these incentives, you can grow your assets, tangible and intangible, within a few years.

2.   Invest in Government Bonds

Secondly, you can invest in government bonds, which are also considered safe. And you can invest in bonds and national saving schemes. This investment is risk-free without consuming any additional time as you can convert them conveniently into cash.

So, if you invest your money in prize bonds, you can win different cash prizes from Rs.100 to Rs.40 000. Even if you fail to win any cash prizes, you can convert your prize bonds into cash. However, the probability of winning a cash prize can be increased by increasing the number of prize bonds you hold.

3.   Invest in Gold

Thirdly, investment in gold bars, not jewelry, is the safest and most valuable investment. The gold prices have gained momentum and are increasing every day in value. So, you can invest your money in gold to make a risk-free investment. Gold investment is considered a good investment in Pakistan.


Investment in bullion is the safest way to invest your money and earn appreciated returns every year. Gold investment is a perfect hedge against inflation as you can save your money from losing money. Gold investment is also risk-free, and returns are ensured.

4.   Invest in Food & Beverages Industry

The food & beverages industry continues to grow due to the variety of innovative options in this industry. However, you need specific business skills to make money from this business; otherwise, you can lose all your money.

Franchise food chains are a thriving business in Pakistan, and people have made money by investing their money into this popular business. There’s a risk of losing money if you fail to fulfill specific business requirements, as these companies require your effort and time initially.

5.   Invest in Mutual Funds


Suppose you don’t know much about the stock exchange, stocks, equities, and other investment options. You can invest your money in mutual funds as it is the safest and most convenient way to invest your money. Mutual funds are a pool of bonds, stocks, commodities, and other investment products where an Asset Management Company (AMC) collects funds or funds from various investors. These companies manage this pool of equities and stocks on behalf of the investors at a minimal fee. Ultimately, all investors enjoy the returns earned from this pool. One significant advantage of mutual funds is that the risk is lowered, and eventually, returns are multiplied.


In sum, you can invest in many projects and businesses or buy some precious products. Real estate and gold investments are the old ways the investors in Pakistan adopted. Similarly, people hesitate to invest in the stock exchange and futures and options due to the lack of knowledge and higher risk. On the other hand, you can also consider other options of investment like investing in medicine. Medicine is also thriving in Pakistan at a fast pace. So, it will also be the best return on investment in Pakistan. However, you can learn about stocks and other innovative investment strategies where the market is less volatile with guaranteed returns.