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Real Estate in Islamabad

Best Real Estate in Islamabad for Investment

Having a strong financial portfolio is vital. If you know where to invest it. It does take time. But when the time comes, you will have more money than what you initially invested. That is the case with the Real Estate Islamabad sector in Pakistan. Things might look bleak, but that is the perfect storm for you to invest.

There is a lot of misconception that the real estate sector is in disarray. But that is not the case. Sure, the risk assessment is above par, but so are the rewards. Real estate in Islamabad is still considered the perfect investment as it always relies on economic conditions.

Why does information provide better returns?

Customers who invested in Bahria Town, Islamabad back in 2000 are now living a life of luxury. This is all because they had the right information and the right time.  The saturation of the Real estate sector is one of the reasons why many customers get cold feet. You need accurate information all the time.

You don’t want to spend your hard-end money and expect misery. That is why AAA Associates always offers you accurate information about their ventures. Our terms are economically sound, and our teams ensure you have all the information when you require it the most.

Why is investing in Real Estate Islamabad viable?

At the moment, there are numerous investment opportunities in Islamabad. You have the choice of investing in surety bonds, stocks, and the real estate sector. The former two are great and offer marginal ROIs, but are time-consuming. Whereas the latter is not. On paper, this might seem difficult, but that is not the case in real life.

AAA Associates have completed eight real estate Islamabad commercial projects. Currently, it has two in the pipeline. AAA OCTA is our jewel of the Nile. This real estate project blends opulence and finesse at every angle. Whatever the current climate will be, we at AAA venture forward.  With the Grace of God, we have completed 8 projects in the last seven years.

Here are the Best Real Estate Islamabad projects to invest in.

Real Estate Commercial Investment in Islamabad:

AAA Arcade 1,2 and 3

This is a commercial and residential project completed in 2016, 2017, and 2018 respectively. These are lucrative commercial investments in Islamabad. They offer an above-par return on investment as compared to other projects. All three are in the vicinity of Bahria Town Phase 8 and DHA 1. To learn how you can make more money than you can imagine while in the comfort of your home, contact us here. Our representative will guide you on what you can expect and what we have to offer.

AAA Business Center

Small to medium businesses are always looking for places to set up. With the rising cost of living, AAA has created a perfect place where businesses can set up with no strings attached. Our Business Center located in the heart of Bahria Town Phase 7 is the perfect place for you.

Customers who invest in our business center become executive members. They get to avail a variety of benefits such as a gym, spa, and other amenities that many others fail to provide. Our mantra has always been to provide more with less. That is why so many prefer AAA for their commercial investments.

Real Estate Residential Investment in Islamabad:


With the partnership with Pearl Continental Hotels, AAA OCTA is shaping up to be an amazing project. The 25-storey tower will bring iconic views to new heights. This breathtaking project will include 6 floors of an executive club, four floors of offices, 7 floors of Hotel Suites, and 2 floors of luxury apartments.

You can view the current update on the project by clicking here. AAA OCTA is in the heart of the capital Islamabad. For lucrative investment in residential property, you can contact us at these numbers. The return on investment will scale as per your initial investment. The more you put in, the more you will get back.

Bahria Town

Bahria Town, Islamabad is considered by many as the top residential place for investment. People who invested back in 2000 are living a life of luxury. The charm of Bahria has gone down over the past year. Keep in mind that the land will still be owned by Bahria Town, you will only own the structure.


The Defense Housing Authority is the pinnacle of excellence when it comes to residential investment in Islamabad. They offer a wide variety of residential and commercial investments in their projects. These projects cater to the ultrarich and elites that want to enjoy privacy for a price. Giga Mall is in the close vicinity of this project.


The above are all the options that provide the perfect return on Real Estate Islamabad investment. Keeping in mind what you must sacrifice to receive that luxury. AAA Associates is a name you can trust that provides an above-par return on investment and completes projects before their allotted time. We have completed 8 projects in record time. We have created spaces, so businesses can flourish and allocated more than 100,000 jobs.