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Real Estate Company in Islamabad

Best Real Estate Company in Islamabad

Trust and Wisdom go hand in hand. That is something we rely upon. That is what makes us the best Real Estate company in Islamabad. Customers can rest assured that their desires are looked after. We have completed 8 real estate projects in the last 7 years which makes us the best real estate agents in Bahria town phase 4 Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Construction is underway for AAA OCTA. More than 50 % have been completed. The real estate project is on schedule to meet its deadline. But from the looks of it. We might complete it before the schedule. AAA Associates is one of the best real estate companies in Islamabad, a name you can trust when it comes to delivering projects ahead of schedule. Our Vision fully  aligns with what you desire. Excellence and opulence are what separate us from the rest.

AAA OCTA is a masterpiece for us.  It will be situated in the heart of Bahria Town Phase 7. Our office locations can be found by clicking here. It will come with state-of-the-art penthouses. That is not the only thing that makes AAA OCTA extravagant. A five-star hotel operated and maintained by Pearl Continental. An executive club for our members. An infinity pool and Mall of Streets to enthrall the masses. The design element of this real estate project mixes both modern aesthetics and a minimalistic approach.

Why AAA remains your Prime Real Estate Trusted Property Expert in Islamabad?


We are an award-winning real estate company in Islamabad that focuses on providing the solutions that you desire. Our impressive list of projects delivered so far highlights our professionalism and commitment to bringing only the best services to each client.


Unlike Typical Real estate companies in Islamabad, we remain open and provide in-depth information about our projects. We believe that transparency helps us be a better real estate company in Rawalpindi. As customers and investors know the whole picture. And they don’t need to rely on proxies to get information about our projects. They can simply ask. We keep our parties informed at all times. That is why Communication is key. Whether it is a customer or an investor we will keep you apprised all the time. Every time.


This is a two-way street. To earn it you must be open about who you are, what you deliver and what is your purpose. We have already done that. For us, being straightforward in this cutthroat business is why many customers prefer us for their investment needs. Customers for their real estate abodes. With 8 amazing vertical projects in the last 7 years, we are confident about what we accomplish.


We guarantee a service that is unmatched by ever before. For us, Quality prevails over quantity. Our Real Estate advisors are selected carefully and are then trained to offer our greatest service. Our people not only portray our brand but also our vision. They align your priorities in the most professional way you can speak about. Our Team is not employees but residents of the real estate projects in Islamabad. Do not hesitate to ask them, they will always make smart decisions and lead a comfortable life.

Local Knowledge & Extensive Services

Our qualified team of real estate agents is unparalleled in terms of local knowledge through Islamabad and other hotspots in Pakistan. We will support you as much as you desire. We will provide all the necessary investment opportunities that you desire. Our AAA OCTA is currently the best place for high returns and safe investment. We provide extensive property management services. You can click here to see what we have to offer.

Our Success

Our Success lies in our network of property experts and customers across the globe. Leading developed countries in the Middle East entrust their multi-billion-dollar projects to us because they know their goals align with their visions. Our customer satisfaction is one of the main reasons that make us one of the best real estate companies in Islamabad.

Our Location

Office 20-21 , 2nd Floor, Asian Business Centre, Bahria Expy, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Punjab 46000, Pakistan