Exclusive Property Expo 2022

The stability of the economy rests on the ability to maintain a low unemployment rate and provide a safe, secure workplace. Article 38 of the constitution states that the “state shall provide for all citizens, within the available resources of the country, facilities for work and adequate livelihood”. Approximately two million additional youth enter the labor force each year, which will increase to 10 million over the next 5 years. Pakistan’s youth can become its biggest asset if we provide them the employment opportunities.

 Pakistani youth is very active and passionate about learning new skills and technologies. As part of the Prime Minister’s vision of creating jobs for the youth, the Government introduced Prime Minister’s ‘Kamyab Jawan’. Kamyab Jawan is the Prime Minister’s aim of youth-led Pakistan, providing them myriads of opportunities, so they are productive for the development of Pakistan. It focuses on empowering young people with skillsets, resources & self-reliance opportunities by initiating a grand youth development program catering to multiple domains. 

AAA Associates is a group of companies, that believe in sustainable and reliable development in twin cities, has decided to launch the Job Marathon, as part of the Prime Minister’s vision of creating jobs for the youth. “AAA Associates Job Marathon” targets to employ 100 plus youth in the various companies operating under the umbrella of AAA Associates. In order to continue its exponential growth, AAA Associates understands the importance of induction of fresh talent into its outstanding team of architects, engineers, business developers, sales staff, coordinators, support and maintenance personnel in addition to a whole sleuth of domains. 

This program has been developed with a focus to create more job opportunities and provide means for young people to be successful in their chosen career paths.